File sharing

  dawnal 08:46 13 Nov 2008

I am not a techie so please bear with me if my terminology is a bit naff.
I have two computers connected by cables to a router. I have run the file sharing wizard on both. It doesn't appear to have made any difference. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone tell me how I can access files from one computer to the other?


  MAJ 09:11 13 Nov 2008

Which operating system are you using, dawnal?

  dawnal 09:14 13 Nov 2008

Sorry for the incomplete information. Both computers have Windows XP home

  natdoor 10:01 13 Nov 2008

I believe that the router may only share internet facilities for the two computers. To share files, you might need a direct connection between the two. This can be done using a LAN crossover cable.

  Eric10 10:25 13 Nov 2008

I'm sorry but natdoor is mistaken, you can definately run a full file and printer sharing network with a router as well as Internet access.
click here and check out some of the articles for help on setting up a home network.

The most important things are to have the same Workgroup name on all computers and to set up file sharing on the drives or folders you want to be available to the other computer.

  MAJ 14:16 13 Nov 2008

Sorry for seemingly deserting you dawnal, I got called away at short notice. natdoor is incorrect as Eric10 has said, he has also pointed you to a good link, if you have any problems, post back. It's best to have all firewalls turned off when initially setting up the network at a firewall can cause problems in the initial stages.

  natdoor 17:14 13 Nov 2008

It was my understanding that basic routers only provide multiple access to the internet and do not contain a hub facility. I am sorry if that is incorrect and has caused confusion.

  dawnal 07:20 14 Nov 2008

Thanks for all your responses.

I still haven't got it sorted but I don't think I'll bother now. I got a message saying anyone who cared to look could access my computer if I turned on file and printer sharing.

That has put me off the idea. I'll just use other means to transfer files between the computers.

I appreciate your help, though. Sorry it was wasted

Thanks again,

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