File sharing

  AJ25 11:05 29 Oct 2005

I want to share files between laptop and desktop PC.

Currently I have a wireless connection between the two (so I can use the internet from the laptop) but I can't figure out how to share files

  mgmcc 11:47 29 Oct 2005

Set at least one folder in each PC as "shared" in its Properties, by right clicking and selecting "Sharing and Security".

When you open "My Network Places" (or Network Neighborhood in Win 98), you should see icons for both computers and expanding the folder tree should display the "shares" for the PCs. Files can then be dragged/dropped or copied/pasted between computers in the same way as with locally stored files.

Any firewall software will need to be configured to allow access to the networked computers by adding their IP addresses to the "trusted" area.

  AJ25 09:24 30 Oct 2005

I've done that.

In Network Places on the laptop I can see the PC Icon but do not have permission to access it.

On the PC I can see the network name but do not have the permission to access it

  CLONNEN 12:56 30 Oct 2005

Remove the passwords on the Administrator and Guest accounts.

You cannot access files on a network unless the passwords on these accounts are blank - been there, tried it, doesn't work with Passwords set up.

  mgmcc 13:05 30 Oct 2005

If you are using XP *Professional*, have a look at this article which may be relevant - click here

Also check that you have "Simple File Sharing" enabled. In Windows Explorer's menus, "Tools > Folder options", select the View tab and scroll down to the very last item in the list. The box should be ticked for "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)". This option is ONLY in XP Pro.

See if that helps. There is also a registry entry that may need to be changed but try the above first.

  AJ25 15:16 30 Oct 2005

Still not working.

Main PC is running XP. Laptop is XP Pro.

I have no passwords now on the main PC but can't remove my password on the Laptop.

Now I can't get even the internet connection working and am getting message "limited or no conectivity".

  AJ25 16:06 30 Oct 2005

OK I have started from scratch and am now back where I started. Internet connection between pc and notebook is fine.

On the pc when I click on My Network Places, it tells me I have no permission when I click on the name of the network.

On the laptop I get one stage further. I can click on the name of the network and it shows both computers there but when I click on the icon for the main PC I get that "no permission" thing again

  selfbuild 18:47 30 Oct 2005

Disable the firewalls on both machines and try again....

  AJ25 07:45 31 Oct 2005

I have it half working now. The laptop can see the PC but the PC can't see the laptop

Can I make my firewalls allow the network.

I have Windows Firewall on the laptop and Norton on the PC

  AJ25 11:35 31 Oct 2005

It's OK now. Thanks for the help

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