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  AdventCalendar 11:46 30 Nov 2003

A couple of questions...

1 - Is there a quick and easy way to transfer files between a desktop and a laptop?

2 - I have had Kazaa fora couple of years, and am now going to move to Kazaa Lite after advice on here....will all the files I have in my shared folder transfer across to the new Lite version?



  AdventCalendar 12:14 30 Nov 2003


  sil_ver 12:35 30 Nov 2003

If you don't get an answer then rename the folder and transfer the contents after installing Lite

  sil_ver 12:35 30 Nov 2003

I'm talking about K'lite

  Neo_0147 12:40 30 Nov 2003

about first question, ue a crossover cable, make usre both laptop and pc has a network card in them. Plug em in and connect via windows network wizard.

  sil_ver 12:49 30 Nov 2003

Getting rid of kazaa is difficult try using kazaabegone available here click here

  AdventCalendar 12:52 30 Nov 2003

sil_ver, cheers mate - appreciate that! ;)

Which K-Lite should i go for aswell? seems to be a few when you put it in on Google.


Neo - cheers mate, not sure if i have a crossover cable to hand...and need to try and do something today. :(

  daba 13:10 30 Nov 2003

do you have a digital camera ?

if yes, do you have a USB card reader for the memory card in it ?

if yes, you can use the memory card to transfer files.

if you use XP, the card will appear as a "removable disk drive" in explorer when you plug it in.

if you use 98, then you'll need driver to enable the USB removable drive

as for k-lite, use same folder for your shared files as you used for kazaa.

The reason that people may have been un-willing to help you is that kazaa is tended to be a word that is not liked on here.

There have been many debate's.

Also Kazaa and the lite version still leave your computer open to viruses, spyware, all kinds of junk that jus makes your computer go wrong at some point.

My advice, just get rid of both....

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