file & printer sharing probs

  EmptyJay 16:40 28 Apr 2005

Using a wireless netgear adsl router. Internet connection sharing works ok, but can't share files/printers over network. Host pc can ping client ok, but client can't ping host (times out). Have a suspicion client doesn't know it's the client as when i ran Network Setup Wizard on it the wizard never asked. Help!

  LeadingMNMs 20:59 28 Apr 2005

Could a firewall on the host be blocking the clients ping ?

  EmptyJay 21:17 28 Apr 2005

could be i guess. would i be ok running without the XP SP2 firewall and just using the routers?

  mgmcc 15:56 29 Apr 2005

<<<would i be ok running without the XP SP2 firewall and just using the routers?>>>

As the router and SP2's firewall both act only on incoming traffic, I would suggest installing something like Zone Alarm and disabling SP2's firewall. This will additionally control what programs in your PC can access the internet. Zone Alarm has a "trusted zone" in which you enter the IP addresses of the networked PCs so that traffic between them isn't blocked.

I would suspect that the SP2 firewall is preventing the file/printer sharing from working.

  EmptyJay 20:00 29 Apr 2005

Turned off Norton Internet Security's Firewall (SP2 firewall was already turned off), and now both pc's can ping each other, but still can't share printers or files. Any ideas?

  CLONNEN 13:37 05 May 2005

Do your User Accounts have passwords on them? On my home network having passwords on the Administrator and Guest accounts turned out to be blocking the file sharing capabilities of the network.

Try giving these accounts blank passwords and see if file sharing works properly.

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