file names changing when sent as attachments

  Spud 22:59 07 Jan 2007

At my camera club we enter digital images for projected image competitions by email to our competition secretary. File names are in the form of title_author_competition.jpg the 3 parts of the name being separated by the 2 underscores;
thus - Durdle Door Sunset_JSmith_Comp1.jpg
Our secretary will receive this corrupted as
Durdle_door_sunset_JSmith_Comp1.jpg which screws up our competition programme because it is looking for just 2 underscores. Single word titles work OK as do multiple words if initially separated by hyphens. I have not met this before, is there a way round it? Or is it a strange feature of the internet?
Best wishes,

  kinger 23:04 07 Jan 2007

Sounds like the email system doesn't like spaces in the file name.

Maybe use the convention DurdleDoorSunset JSmith Comp1.jpg

Then the email will put the underscore where it should be.

  Technotiger 23:04 07 Jan 2007

Hi, have not done any research on this, so don't know why it happens - but, have you not tried sending the pics as Inserts rather than as Attachments. I always email pics as inserts, I think it is also safer, as attachments are sometimes attractive to virus' for hitching a ride!

  Peter 23:20 07 Jan 2007


You could try using Alt-0160 (Press and hold down the Alt key and tap the Zero 1 6 Zero on the numeric key pad and then release the Alt key). The Alt-0160 character is shown between the following quotes " ".


  Spud 13:47 10 Jan 2007

Thanks for the ideas.
We finally discovered that the secretary's set-up was causing the corruption. He has now changed his emails back to Outlook from orange webmail and all seems well.

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