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  RussG 19:51 16 Nov 2004

I want to add links to excel & word files on my mini intranet (well its really just web pages which ares used as a dasboard to information and files - keeping everything together) . The problem is when I link to say an excel file the file opens within the browser rather than excel. I want people to work on the files within the application(some are shared files), also opening in the browser bypasses the files password.

So my question is: can I link to a file stored on the network and get it to open in the application as a normal shortcut would.

  Taran 11:32 03 Dec 2004

I've just noticed this one dropping off page 2 of the forum, so here we go:

You don't say whether you are using dynamic pages to load your documents. Any intranet is normally far better off written in ASP, PHP or .NET.

If we assume you are using ASP, to load your documents properly you need to change the MIME Type or Response.ContentType in your ASP page, which allows the Word or Excel file to be opened directly in the browser and saved as Word or Excel formats from the browser itself.

There are a lot of pros and cons to consider, and the above is not necessarily a solution to document sharing, but it does (hopefully) set you on the right path to being able to open the files into the browser.

  RussG 15:32 05 Dec 2004

Thanks Taran, haven't progressed this fully yet but will look onto your suggestion.

  Taran 20:16 05 Dec 2004

The above was meant to demontrate how to deal with the vagaries of browsers and file opening by forcing a file to open in its native format within the browser where it may be saved.

There are many other ways of sharing and collaborating and the above is only useful in very specific circumstances.

One of the most effective sharing and collaboration methods is to leverage Microsoft Sharepoint click here

It allows portal based document sharing, team collaboration and all sorts of other nice things.

It truly is an incredible package and if your intranet is going to be anything other than extremely simple I suggest you at least look at it as an option.

After that, any file server (and most web servers) will allow document sharing and, to an extent, checking in and checking out, versioning and so on, but this is not the place for a full walk-through on the possibilities of file servers.

Suffice to say that there are many ways to efectively share documents in progress. Plain vanilla HTML pages linked to files is not one of them.


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