File format of iTunes downloaded music

  chrismuir 17:00 13 Nov 2005


When you buy music in iTunes it comes in a format 'M4P'. This seems to be more space efficient than MP3, but with no loss of quality that I can tell. Two questions:
1. What is the proper name of this file format so that I can set iTunes up to import any future CD's in it?
2. As all my CD's have been copied onto the PC already in MP3 format, how can I get iTunes to convert them all to this format?

I still need MP3's for the player I use when jogging, so will keep a copy of the original MP3 files, can I convert the M4P files to MP3 as well?


  brambles 17:34 13 Nov 2005

When you buy from iTunes you download MPEG 4 AAC ADVANCED AUDIO CODING. Anything you buy from them appears in Purchased Music and cannot be converted to MP3 if you right click on a track it will give an option Convert to MP3 but when you try you'll get a security warning.

When you import into the library from your own CD's it will also import as MPEG4 but these can be converted.

Latest version of iTunes is Version 6 Plus No includes video now


Use the HELP button in iTunes when you are online!

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