File /folder problems

  dfb70uk 11:22 07 May 2014

I have changed from XP to Windows7. If you want to open a new file in windows 7, Right clic - new - gives you a list of the type of files you want to open. With my existing folders, trying the above Right clic - new -you get Folder , not the list. The first arangement does seem to work on completely new folders. By the way I using Office 2000 for all this. Is this across I have to bear for not having a more modern Office. Otherwise help please Regards Dave

  dfb70uk 11:00 08 May 2014

Thanks Andy, but clicking on download, nothing happened least, that I could see. Dave

  dfb70uk 10:06 09 May 2014

Thanks Andy, I think I understand but what exactly does this do? I have several partitions on my hard drives does this have to be on "C" ? with Windows. Dave

  dfb70uk 10:08 14 May 2014

Andy, I had to put the file in a folder I supose that is ok but but as I was about to paste in the code I got several warnings that I paniced and did go on. To be honist this change to Win 7 has been hard work never had to use system restore so many times. loaded my wife's camera DVD yesterday after that the DVD drive dissapeared and several things stoped working.This could not be at a worse time as I have outside jobs to do in the good weather. Sorry having a moan but after 80 life can seem to be running away with one. Thanks for you help though. Hope you can comment and give encouagement! Regards Dave

  dfb70uk 10:02 15 May 2014

Andy, It didn't work, It said the registry can only be changed via Registry Editor. Maybe my trouble is how I created the fixer.reg file. The only way I could think to do it was via a folder the a file which was .txt but changed to .reg I expect that is all wrong. Regards Dave

  dfb70uk 10:18 18 May 2014

Looks like my problem has been abandoned. Can't anyone help? Dave

  dfb70uk 11:26 28 May 2014

Hi Andy, Nice to hear from you Well we don't need the Kodax, it is to download pictures with Windows explorer. No your link did not work same problem it says can only change via Registry Editor. I am not to sure about TeamViewer. But I am not even sure how to access the Editor but show me what has to be done I may be able to get somebody to do it. My usual man goes off to Thailand for longer and longer periods especially when I need him but he may be around. I don't know what you think. Dave

  dfb70uk 12:13 28 May 2014

Thanks Andy, Will think about this, deeply. Does System Restore fix this if things go wrong? Dave

  lotvic 15:23 28 May 2014

I must be missing the point of this exercise. What advantage is there in creating a new file using this rightclick method?

For example: I have Office 2007 and in Windows Explorer if I rightclick, choose 'New' 'Microsoft Office Word document' All I get is a new file called 'New Microsoft Office Word Document.docx' I still have to open it in Office Word program to put any content text in, save the changes, close it and then I've still to change it's name to something more meaningful in Windows Explorer.

Seems far easier to just open Office Word to begin with - unless I'm doing it all wrong?

  dfb70uk 12:13 03 Jun 2014

Sorry Andy not got around to doing it yet. Dave

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