File Flood

  daveac41 06:47 06 Aug 2003

I have noticed that on my hard drive, there have appeared thousands of small files suffixed CHK. What are these, how did they get there, and more importantly, how do I get rid of them? They are slowing my system down. I have recently scanned & defragged(W98 SE)

  daveac41 07:14 06 Aug 2003

Thanks tbh72 - reason duly noted - but now that I've got these on my drive how do I get rid of them - will another scan do it or will I have to remove them physically?

  daveac41 08:24 06 Aug 2003

Yes, Jester, I understand that, but if I delete too many of the files at once, the system crashes, too few, and I'm there all day - is there a happy medium?

  daveac41 19:41 06 Aug 2003

Thanks Jester, eventually blitzed them out in DOS,using *.* in each series. By God I won't make that mistake again!
And thanks DieSse.

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