File Finders, do they check in the Registry?

  Bargee 13:19 01 Apr 2003

I've just experienced the same problem with a 98se startup hardware error message involving DriHWP32.DLL as ams4127 back in July 2001 & answered by flecce (what a guy! he seems to have the answers to everything).
I am curious, because I tried to find this file with both Windows file finder & Powerdesk Pro 5, but both failed to find it. Could this be because these file finding utilities don't search the Registry? I can understand if they don't, but it would be helpful if these error messages that display a file would tell you where it is or what it relates to so that you could try to repair the file from the installation disk.

  MAJ 13:29 01 Apr 2003

I don't know about Powerdesk Pro 5, Bargee, but Windows file finder doesn't search the registry, you have to go to Regedit for that. But I agree with your other sentiments.

  Confab 13:43 01 Apr 2003

click here

It could be that the DLL is not on your PC because it's been deleted or corrupted, that why you get the error message. So if you look for it you won't find it.


  Bargee 18:35 01 Apr 2003

Thanks all, especially Amber-Shortie for the link. Most helpful.

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