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  highside 07:46 23 Apr 2011

Hello all, can anyone point me to a simple list of file extensions please? For example say I want to convert an MP4 to record onto DVD I just want to know what extension to convert to. Seem to spend ages nowdays with so many .exts about. I guess there must be loads of pages out there of what each is for but I would like one without lots of spiel, with just words to the effect eg "Mp3 to CD use flv" format. Thanks

  chub_tor 08:47 23 Apr 2011

Alphabetical list Click Here

  robin_x 11:51 23 Apr 2011

Knowing extensions will not necessarily help.

Movie DVDs for example need to be 'authored'. An MP4 will be used by an authoring app to produce many files which are then burnt to DVD. DVD Flick is a good choice.

Stick a movie or TV recorded DVD in your PC and Explore it, don't play it. You will see the files quickly and remember better, rather than learning a list.

A good video site is

Audio is same. MP3s can be burnt to a CD, but only some players will play them. Normally they need to be converted too.

So the correct questions (for Google) should search for what you want to do and the source format.

Don't second guess what format you should have is what I am saying.

It's easy to pickup. Well I sort of managed it. Have fun.

  highside 12:48 23 Apr 2011

Thanks for replies havent been interested in Audio/Video until now.

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