This file does not have a program associated etc..

  Bingalau 13:15 26 Apr 2005

Just got this message with one of my E Mails and have not experienced it before...."This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action...Create an association in the folder options control panel".... I have located the Folder Options in the Control Panel. Can some one guide me nice and gently, please? through the steps required to create the necessary "association". The file has an extension " 1.pps ". Thanks in advance again! Bingalau

  octal 13:23 26 Apr 2005

You can do it though Control Panel, but an easier way might be to save the .pps file to the Hard Disk, then navigate to it, right mouse click and click on Open with... in the window which opens, click on Power point, which is the program which should be associated with pps files, make sure the little box is checked to retain the setting and that should be it.

  octal 13:25 26 Apr 2005

By the way, I suspect you my not have Power Point, in that case post back and someone maybe able to tell you a program which will open them.

  belt&braces 13:27 26 Apr 2005

Hi Bingalau

PowerPoint Viewer available from click here

  gudgulf 13:28 26 Apr 2005

For example Microsoft's own Power Point Viewer click here

  Bingalau 13:33 26 Apr 2005

Thanks for info. now looking for "Power Point" No sign so far, I am on Windows XP Home edition service pack 2, by the way. Sorry I shuld have mentioned that I believe. Bingalau..

  GroupFC 13:40 26 Apr 2005

Powepoint is a part of Microsoft office suite of software (along with word, excel etc.). If you have it the .exe file will be powerpnt.exe.

If you don't have it you will need to d/load one of the viewers mentioned earlier. This will enable you to see the file but that's all though!

  Jackcoms 13:42 26 Apr 2005

The fact that you are on Windows XP SP2 is irrelevant

Power Point is an Office application. If you have your Office CD available that will tell you whether Power Point is a component of your version of Office. Usually only the Professional version of Office includes Power Point.

  Bingalau 16:55 26 Apr 2005

Many thanks for the help provided. I think the problem is now solved... Thanks again..Bingalau

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