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  Southernboy 13:42 20 Mar 2006

When I used W98SE, every time I accessed Windows Explorer, files were displayed as DETAILS. With XP, they are displayed as ICONS which find very irritating.

So, I change them to DETAILS using the drop-down menu but, the next time I access them they have reverted to ICONS. As I have said, I find this very, very irritating as I want to see the information against each file without continually having to change the view.

Is there any way that the setting can be changed to use DETAILS as default, please?

  Rigga 14:06 20 Mar 2006

In Explorer, open a folder, any folder, and set to view details.

Then under menu tools/ folder options. Under the view tab. Hit the apply to all folders button.

Should set all folders to have the same view as the current one.


  VoG II 14:25 20 Mar 2006
  pj123 14:55 20 Mar 2006

Alternatively, go to the PCA Download page and download PowerDesk 5 and use that instead of Windows Explorer. Much better and more options.

click here

  terryf 22:45 20 Mar 2006

To conserve memory, Explorer remembrs only a limited number of folder customisations. Download Tweak UI for XP from Msoft Powertoys and go to Explorer>Customizations, I have mine set to 4000 folders which may be OTT but I don't have the problems you described now

  Southernboy 14:44 24 Mar 2006

No internet connection on my home PC. I'll try the suggestion from Rigga.

Thanks to everyone.

  terryf 00:17 25 Mar 2006

Rigga does suggest the correct solution but you may find that due to insufficient memory allocation the folders annoyingly revert. Tweakui is only 147k so you could download it to a floppy in your local library or at a friends home

  Southernboy 17:38 19 Apr 2006

It has worked. Further, several days later it has not reverted, so the number of files I have must not exceed the number that Windows can remember.

Thanks, everyone!

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