file compression or zipping

  dazzlet2002 01:10 01 Mar 2003

hi could any one please tell me if there is a really good programme out there somewhere that compresses your files alot more than winzip or win rar does it is just i have a file that i would like to burn to cd but it is slightly too big when compressed with win zip or with win rar to still fit on the cd so i wondered if that there was any way of compressing it smaller.
thanks daz

  tbh72 02:03 01 Mar 2003

Winzip has three modes of compression, the default mode is the middle one, if you select maximum compression this may compress the file sufficiently for your needs, failing that you have other option's depending on the file type.

For example, if it was a bitmap (picture), you may have already tried converting it to JPG, but as you have found to get the required compression may result in quality loss. I resolve the loss of quality by using MS Photo Editor, which is part of the office suites. Save the file as PNG.

Why not tell us what type of file you are trying to compress, are you also confident in MS DOS mode?

  Qmar 02:41 01 Mar 2003

..fractal-algorithms-based ware..?

  DieSse 09:22 01 Mar 2003

Is it a file which must restore to it's correct contents, or is it a file which can tolerate a lossy compression (like JPG). It's vital to know this to advise you correctly, as tbh72 has asked.

  dazzlet2002 17:13 01 Mar 2003

hi the file i am trying to compress is a mixture of instilation files including pictures and .exe files and other files

  DieSse 18:20 01 Mar 2003

Then zip, rar and similar programmes are the only ones you should use, as they won't lose any data. However, you can try setting the options for maximum compression, rather than maximum speed, as pointed out above.

One more thing you can do, is to compress the pictures more before you compress the whole lot. What format are the pictures in - if they are put into JPEG format, they will as small as is feasible, and they can be made smaller (but slightly poorer) by using higher compression. This can make a huge difference to pisture size, and might be enough to give you the overall size reduction that you need.

  Qmar 18:25 04 Mar 2003

" Fractal compression technology from Iterated Systems provides higher compression ...compressed from 20:1 and 50:1 with no noticeable loss in resolution, that it can compress images with a ratio of more than 200:1 with acceptable resolution. ..unmatched by jpeg "
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  €dstow 18:41 04 Mar 2003

Be very careful about the zipping system you use. Remember that the person receiving the file has to open it and therefore has to have the correct program installed to read it. A zip program I use has ten systems installed in it click here


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