File compresion software?

  jake2 19:29 06 Jan 2006

Whats the best compresion software? Only one I've heard of is win zip. Can any be downloaded free?

  [DELETED] 19:36 06 Jan 2006
  Belatucadrus 19:38 06 Jan 2006

click here Zipcentral

click here Zipgenius

  [DELETED] 19:38 06 Jan 2006
  [DELETED] 19:58 06 Jan 2006

I like ZipGenius myself - as well as creating your own zip files it can also transform them into EXE files. Makes Web Downloads easier for non-techies who don't understand how to open a zip file.

  jake2 17:09 08 Jan 2006

Thanks for that. I downloaded Zip genius and I'm just finding my way around it.
One thing I did notice is that "my pictures" before using zip genius was 1.17gb After compression it was 1.14gb.
Is that normal? I dont know why but I thought I would gain more space than 0.03gb on that file.
I know that the "compress files to save space" option in windows has been checked. Does that mean that the windows compression software is doing a fairly good job and I'm not going to gain much from different software?

  [DELETED] 18:56 08 Jan 2006

If your pics are mainly JPEGs then (for a reason that I can't recall)you won't gain much space if anything at all and can even end up with a bigger files/folders than you started with!

The easiest option to compress files is already built in to Windows ME and XP, and is compatible with Winzip etc. Just right click on the desktop, select "New" and in the dropdown menu you will see the option for "Compressed Folder" -(you get a normal yellow folder icon with a zip thru the middle). You can also password protect these folders if required. Dead simple to use, but use Windows help file for full instructions.

  jake2 18:31 16 Jan 2006

Thanks Ben_uk I tried that but the "compressed folder" is missing from the drop down menu for some odd reason?
On a more embarassing note: I have just aquired about 10gb of memory! How?
Every time I used certain programs like registry cleaner or zip genius they created a restore point, which as you probably know (and didn't occur to me until today)requires a lot of memory. I also didn't delete the original files once I had zipped them, I know, I know
How stupid was that!
So I deleted a load of programs I hardly ever use & all the zipped versions of my music & my pictures etc and my free memory went from 6gb approx to 16gb!
A few lessons learned there then.
I still like to get the comressed folder option back if anyone knows how?

  [DELETED] 19:08 16 Jan 2006

I've just tried playing around witha couple of compression options. A 5.69 MB folder of Jpegs goes down to 4.78 MB with WInZip, and 4.79 MB with WinRAR. Both were set at optimal compression ratios.

  [DELETED] 19:16 16 Jan 2006

"I still like to get the comressed folder option back if anyone knows how?"

Have you previously installed another zip application that has over written the drop down options, for instance I have WinZip in its place.

But, if you right-click on the file/folder and choose "Send to" one of the options should be "Compressed (zipped) Folder" - when I do this I'm told I my compression id handled by another application by default do I want to reset it?

I'm guessing (because I haven't accepted the reset) that this will give the restore the original option to the new drop down, and if not you can create the zip from "send to"

  [DELETED] 22:19 16 Jan 2006

You can also reallocate your default zip application through Control Panel/Folders/View File Types - find ZIP and "Change"

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