File compare utility

  jtt 10:51 28 Mar 2006

In the past I've used the MS DOS command 'fc' to compare two files for differences. I recently found two text files that were slightly different, but fc didn't spot the difference. Is there anything free that's better, preferably Windows rather than DOS based?

  rawprawn 11:03 28 Mar 2006

You could try MS Sync Toy, I don't think it is intended for what you want. I is meant to synchronise two files (A backup for example) so it will show there are differences.It's a great tool in it's own right
click here

  jtt 11:10 28 Mar 2006

Thanks rawprawn, but that's not what I want. I want to compare the two text (.txt) files, work out what the differences are and as a result make a new file with the 'best bits' of both, then delete the two old files. So I really do need a file comparison programme.

  rawprawn 11:17 28 Mar 2006

OK, worth a try!

  Coff 13:24 28 Mar 2006

You could try Files Compare Tool from click here or WinMerge from click here

  jtt 13:34 29 Mar 2006

Thanks Coff, just what I'm looking for.

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