File called 23990098.$$$ in my hard drive-help plz

  Squarehed 09:00 17 Aug 2004

Pretty muxh explained in title. This file has appeared yesterday in my hard drive.

I saw a post similar to this about a wk and a half ago. But is not on the site any more.

I know u guys can help. Thanks.

  rawprawn 09:24 17 Aug 2004

click here It looks as though it is encoded information from the Adobe Web Log

  rawprawn 09:27 17 Aug 2004

click here Download and run this free AV.

  Stuartli 10:51 17 Aug 2004

Is it listed in Windows (C drive)? It may be a spuninst file.

  Sethhaniel 10:56 17 Aug 2004

And I'm not on web -
though I use Adobe products - I think its just a temporary file created when Adobe tries to access web - with the .$$$ exstension there is no program that runs it so I just delete it - for it to reappear nexst time I use adobe ;)

  VoG II 13:43 17 Aug 2004

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