File associations keep changing

  skeletal 10:13 29 Nov 2010

Can anyone think of a reason why my file associations keep changing?

Until the other day, I’ve never had a problem, then I had a PowerPoint presentation emailed to me. I opened it (within Outlook 2010) and it opened in PP 2003, mildly irritating because, although I have three versions of Office, I had set the file association to open with PP 2010.

Not to worry, I just reset to open with 2010.

Now this is where it gets interesting, because to reset it to 2010 I went to Folder options/File types, found PPT, clicked on Advanced/Edit file types chose Open and saw C:\Program Files etc etc\Office 11\ etc etc.

Of course it should be Office 14, so I changed it. I then decided to look at all the PowerPoint associations (dozens of them!) and many were set to Office 11. I then went through and changed all of them to 14.

I then checked several PP files by double clicking and all was well for a day or two.

Until this morning when double clicking on a PP file came up with the error message “This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action etc etc”.

Going through all the above again revealed that, indeed my association under “Open” to Office 14 had gone, there was nothing there.

I’m resetting them all again, but the question is why do they keep changing/disappearing?

It seems connected with the opening within Outlook, but that may be a red herring.

To repeat, I have used multiple versions of Office for many years without any problems, so this in itself should not be an issue.


  VoG II 10:46 29 Nov 2010

Any help/interest? click here

  skeletal 11:07 29 Nov 2010

Thanks for the try VoG, but the link does not seem to work. I get “Service Unavailable”. Perhaps the snow has frozen the internet temporarily!

I try again later.


  skeletal 14:22 29 Nov 2010

The link is now working...weird!

Anyway, reading the link, it is actually what I do, more or less. The problem is having done what it says, it gets mucked up again a couple of days later.

As a little aside, if anyone ever mucks around with PowerPoint opening (etc.) instructions, you must put in the "%1" after the file link info (there are other strange things to add in for other actions). During my current quest I forgot that at one point and PP opened with all manner of error messages.


  skeletal 15:54 29 Nov 2010

Argh...I don’t believe this...I’ve just tried opening Word from within Outlook and now that’s jumped to Word 2007, something I’ve not used for ages!

So it looks like Word is now going the same way as PowerPoint.

What is going on? I’m going mad...


  skeletal 16:24 29 Nov 2010

Now driving me mental. ALL of Office is now affected. What’s worse, setting the file open properties to Office 2010 either causes endless error messages, OR, it opens up 2007, even though the path is saying Office 2010!!

I tried repairing Office, but get an error message saying it could not be repaired.

Oh dear oh dear!


  skeletal 16:45 29 Nov 2010

I tried running repair again, and this time it completed OK. For now, double clicking files seems to work again.

Time will tell how long this latest “repair” lasts.

I will run a virus check later just in case.

Skeletal with a sore head

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