longbelly 14:37 06 Dec 2003

My PC runs on Windows 98 SE and Microsoft Office Pro 2000 and Outlook Express 6.0. I have recently installed the latest version of rich text software ‘RoughDraft’ which I have found very quick and easy to use for my straightforward word processing needs. By default, all rtf files are associated with WinWord and open from Windows Explorer. I wanted to change this so that all rtf files will open directly into Roughdraft. (I did this by selecting an rtf file in Windows Explorer, left clicked on it, hold shift and right clicked, selected “Open With” from the menu, chose RoughDraft ‘exe’ file, checked "Always use this program to open this type of file” box and clicked OK.) However this did not work. On trying to open an rtf file from Windows Explorer, the programme WinWord opens as before, but not the file document and this is the same for all rtf files now. I tried to reverse this using the same procedure but it remains the same, so I can now only open rtf files from within a programme, Word, RoughDraft etc. I would at least like to get back to the original default file association arrangement and have tried doing this through Windows Explorer/View/Folder options//File Types/select rich text format/Edit to open with Word and also by removing and/or re-installing RoughDraft but nothing changes!

  Pesala 15:28 06 Dec 2003

Otherwise, you seem to have done everything short of a System Restore that would probably sort it out, but Windows 98 doesn't have System Restore.

Maybe there's another way to restore the registry that someone can tell you about.

  longbelly 13:54 09 May 2004

i really don't want to go to all that trouble i sthere noone who can tell me what to do?

  longbelly 13:56 09 May 2004

I don't really want to go to all that trouble - is there no one who has another answer?

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