FIFA 17 on PC with Dualshock 4 - skill movement

  [email protected] 11:30 02 Jan 2017

Hello guys,

I've been playing fifa 17 demo with dualshock 4 on my PC desktop (WIN10). Everything works good, controller works, I am able to remap buttons in game. But when playing I realized that my right stick doesn't control 'skill moves'. Is this because :

  1. it is only fifa 17 demo?, it'll work if I buy full game?
  2. I use PS4 controller and it's functionality is limited? Should I use some software to remap buttons or simulate xbox controller ?

P.S. When going into game settings and customize controls I see list of buttons plus description (left stick is on the list, but right one is missing)

can anyone help please? Thank you

  [email protected] 13:03 02 Jan 2017

solved: Guys I've found an answer. For those who might have the same issue, download DS4 SW from their website. Now everything works as it should, even right analog (even wireless via bluetooth :) )

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