Fibre Modem/Standard BBand input

  StanH 11:45 16 Oct 2014

I have just been connected to fibre broadband with a BT engineer fitting a BT Modem. Everything works but my download speed is now 56Kb - is it possible that I still have standard broadband and not fibre on my line?

  BillSers 12:12 16 Oct 2014

I've got Fibre with Plusnet and have a plusnet router and an Open Reach router.

  rdave13 12:19 16 Oct 2014

That works out as 0.056 Mbps, at that speed browsing would be slow. Try a speed test with speed test to check again.

  StanH 12:37 16 Oct 2014

I have checked with the modem direct to the laptop and via wireless. I do not bother with speed testers, I start an iPlayer download and within a couple of minutes it tells me my actual download speed, which is what I am interested in. Main question is - would I get an internet connection if standard broadband was still on my line with a fibre modem?

  alanrwood 13:01 16 Oct 2014

In a word No

If you want positive data then do an independent speed check as advised above. That is the only way to resolve the position. If this is the best you can achieve with a fibre connection then a call to BT is in order.

How have you connected the output of the BT Modem. It is normal to connect it to the WAN port of your router not a LAN port.

  StanH 13:26 16 Oct 2014

I am normally connected LAN of Modem to an unidentified port on the router. This configuration is exactly as per Plusnet instructions, and it works OK

Unfortunately have to go to Plusnet for my line problem as I pay them for it, but thanks for the reply which lets me know I have a line problem and probably have fibre Ok

  alanrwood 20:51 16 Oct 2014

Don't you have a WAN port on your router. A Local Area Network (LAN) is different from a Wide Area Network (WAN).

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