Fiber Optic Router, Modem and W.A.P?

  KyriRo 03:44 26 Aug 2014

I'm pretty new to the Networking industry. In fact I'm going to school atm and this question is for a project.

We chose to use fiber optic cabling where ever we could. Now I'm at the part where I need to choose a router, modem, and wireless access point. Being new I have no idea where to ever begin. Putting in phrases such as 'fiber optic router' or fiber optic modem' only bring up pages and pages of forum threads so I'm almost sure my phrasing is completely off. That leads me to believe that maybe I don't know enough to ask the right question. Thus I have come here.

What phrasing should I be using to look for these items? Are there sites where I can find these items reasonably priced? Examples? I'm more than happy to find everything for the project. I just really need to know what exactly I'm supposed to be looking for.

  lotvic 14:05 26 Aug 2014

For your search term use: set up network with fibre optic cable

Also this is a good site to learn all about networking click here

  lotvic 14:08 26 Aug 2014

Another useful link to learn about the types of Fiber optic cable click here

  spuds 14:55 26 Aug 2014

There are a number of dvd's on the subject, which you might be able to get from Ebay or Amazon, plus YouTube.

Kitz is a very good website, for learning things and terms about networking and the like click here

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