ffe{*****}.tmp not fff{****}.tmp

  wee eddie 18:52 24 Apr 2003

I am still trying to solve a problem of these temp files which accumulate in my C:\Windows.

It does not appear to be related MSKBA - 221438 which is the second type of file and only deposits a pair on Startup. e.g MDM.exe is probably not the culprit.

This may deposit 10 or more in the course of a couple of hours and may be related to frequent HD running.

I am running W98se on an IBM Aptiva K500 with 256mg of pc133 memory(it was doing it before I added another 128mg of memory)Hd - less than 1/3rd full. And running MS Office Pro and MS Publisher

  The PC Doctor 20:24 24 Apr 2003

couple of things you can do...

1. write a batch file which deletes these files. You could get it to run at specific times from Scheduled Tasks.

2. click here and go to my programs page and download deleteit.zip this is a small program I wrote because I was also sick and tired of these files. If you do download this, be warned it will delete what you tell it to delete, it doesn't care whether you have set it to delete system files or not. Use it with care.....

  wee eddie 20:58 24 Apr 2003

I would prefer to sort the problem rather than hide it.

I am almost certain that the solution to this problem may also sort my HD's hunting antics. although which is the cause. I have no idea!

p.s. In extremis I will use my Restore Disk but I am not usually part of the "Start from Scratch Again Every Time" Brigade.

  The PC Doctor 21:08 24 Apr 2003

No problems have a look at this thread click here

At the time I wrote my small program I was unwilling to start editing the registry.

  wee eddie 21:39 24 Apr 2003

at the end of the first sentence.

What program do you think is causing the files to be created?

  The PC Doctor 21:45 24 Apr 2003

Yes there was - obviously didn't work for you although I can see it....

I can't take any credit for this post as it was TARAN's advice but it is sound, and works.

Rather that trying to post the thread ID again here's TARAN's post

The files are created by the Machine Debug Manager (mdm.exe) that is installed with most Microsoft products that use the Microsoft Script Editor, including Office 2000/XP, Visual Basic and so on. If you don't deal with the issue, every time you start your system two zero byte temp files are generated and left to bloat your Windows folder. They take no real physical space but left unchecked they can multiply to the point where you can have hundreds of the blighters in there. Full destructions as follows to sort out the issue:
First launch Internet Explorer. Click the Tools menu, then Internet Options. On the Advanced tab about six boxes down, make sure that Disable script debugging is ticked, then click Apply then OK. Now close down IE.

For Office 2000 you need to explore your C: drive and go to: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM

When you are in the System folder scroll down until you see the mdm.exe file. If you can only see mdm, you need to click on Tools, Folder Options, View then remove the tick from the box that says "Hide file extensions for known file types". Click Apply then OK.

Hit the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys on your keyboard to call up the Close Program dialog box and scroll down to mdm, highlight it then click on End Task. Now right clik on the mdm.exe file in your System folder and select rename. Rename it to mdm.not or mdm.old.

Now click on Start, click Run, type MSCONFIG in the run box and click OK. Click the Startup tab and remove the tick from mdm and click apply then OK twice to restart your PC. Once it has restarted, the final step is to remove the mdm registry key from:


Be advised that fooling with the registry is not recommended and I suggest you follow all the above steps apart from the registry one. That will stop mdm from running and your Windows folder will not become filled with unnecessary files.

If you are using Office XP, mdm is located in a different folder, so if you can't find it yourself using the search tool, post another message in here and I'll tell you where to go looking.

Hope this helps



enter this into your address bar without the -'s http-://w-w-w.techadvisor.co.uk/index.cfm?go=discuss.thread&forumid=1&threadID=23738

  wee eddie 15:41 25 Apr 2003

Success. I have done all but removing mdm.exe from the Registry, but have downloaded instructions on how to do a Registry Backup, and will go the whole hog later in the week.

If using Office XP, the route is:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7 Debug\MDM.exe

I hope that is useful to someone else.

Meanwhile - Thank you once again.

  wee eddie 11:04 26 Apr 2003

ffe{*****} not fff{******}

maybe this is something different

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