A Few Quick Questions Before I Start.

  mgmcc 12:37 13 Apr 2006

<<< in the instructions i read at click here it says: "The next step requires you to enter the username and password that was given to you by your ISP. >>>

I assume you are aware that these details go into the *ROUTER* settings and not the PC? When you install a router, it is the router and not a PC networked to it which connects to the ISP.

<<< The router should by default have the correct UK settings for VPI/VCI and Encapsulation as shown below, if they are not as shown obviously change them" and the default shows at 0,38 however mine does not use 0,38, its just shows up as "adsl" as shown in this picture. >>>

That picture is a connection dialog box in the PC, the VPI, VCI and encapsulation settings are configured in the router. The PC doesn't connect to the internet at all, the router does and the computer gets its access over the LAN from the router.

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