A few questions for advice???

  [DELETED] 12:17 10 Aug 2003

1 - On my internet connection status box....[which is located on the right hand side of the tool bar] it has a section for 'compression', just wanted to know if anyone knew what this was for, and what it should run at?

2 - Can I connect my PC to my stereo to play CD's?

3 - Can I also connect it to my TV to play DVD's?

4 - [lastly] - Can i play VCD's through My PC?

many thanks...

  sil_ver 12:37 10 Aug 2003

1) I don't know

2) Yes, if your sound card has aux in

3) Yes, if your graphics card has video out

4) yes, if you have the right software that recognises VCD

How well your DVD/VCD plays depends mainly on the spec of your PC

  sil_ver 12:40 10 Aug 2003

Sorry! you will need Line Out on your sound card to play CDs through your stereo. Never tried using the headphone socket on the CD-ROM as Line Out.

  [DELETED] 20:24 10 Aug 2003

As Sil_ver says yes.

In relation to your question two, check what avaiable sockets you have on your system. This will effect what type of leads you have to purchase.

Your sound card jack will be a standard 3.5mm jack. What lead you have will need depends on the stereo. Check to see if the Aux on the stereo is a single jack or seperate Left/Right jack point. These are normaly larger, so your lead will need to reflect this. You can pick up good quaility leads from most electrical shops for about a tenner.


If you lucky enough to have a stero system consisting of separates as I have, then by using tape out on the amp, you can record your vinyl/tapes onto cd. I think that you can also use the mic but I've nether tried this.

  rickf 20:30 10 Aug 2003

Yes, you can use the mic from recording as well but the quality is not as good as from the tape socket. The tape socket produces CD quality recordings on your PC. Your software DVD player, like Power DVD would play VCDs.

  [DELETED] 22:39 10 Aug 2003


so on the VCD front....how do i access the films from the disc through Power DVD? will it autorun?

  hugh-265156 00:19 11 Aug 2003

when you insert a disc windows usually asks what you want to do with it.

after you install power dvd or any other dvd software it will be listed as an option to play using this.

tick the always choose this action tab and in future it wont even ask you,it will play automatically.

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