A few problems with replacement mobo

  bumpkin 22:11 24 Mar 2015

I have fitted a replacement mobo to and old PC. Mobo is Asus M2v, It seems to work fine apart from a couple of issues.

On booting up it says "Not found any disks" Hdd is set as first device in bios. It will then boot anyway into Win7 which will work normally.

It has asked me to run Startup repair although not every time. If I do this then when it should reboot it shuts down completely.

Also wont see IDE optical drives using either of the ports.

I viewed the manual on another PC whilst doing but starting to wonder if I have the front panel connectors correct i.e. reset and on/off switches.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:01 24 Mar 2015

You may need to set to AHCI in BIOS to see the drives if you are mixing IDE and SATA

  bumpkin 23:19 24 Mar 2015

At the moment I only have one IDE HDD and two IDE DVD drives but it wont see the optical drives. I can try a new cable but the one I have was fine before I changed the mobo. Bios is v02 58 AMI. So unsure how to set it to AHCI, I can't see that option.

  rdave13 23:33 24 Mar 2015

IDE ports, one for a drive and one for a floppy drive? Try swopping the hard drive and DVD drive connections on the mobo. Have a look here.

  Number six 00:09 25 Mar 2015

If DVD drives are on same cable, have you set one as master, one as slave?

  bumpkin 10:24 25 Mar 2015

If DVD drives are on same cable, have you set one as master, one as slave?

No, both set as master, should have gone to Specsavers:-)

  bumpkin 12:42 25 Mar 2015

rdave, thanks for the link anyway and that was the manual I was using to set it up. I have now ruled out the panel connectors as they are correct. I now have the DVD's working after a basic mistake of not reading the barely visible jumper settings on one of them properly. Still very erratic when booting up so I will do a clean instal on a new SATA HDD. which means I will be mixing IDE and SATA but not sure where in bios to set AHCI.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:01 25 Mar 2015

My old PC (Medion) just will not boot if I connect a SATA HDD and IDE HDD although its fine with an IDE optical drive.

  bumpkin 13:42 25 Mar 2015

Strange that as you are unlikely to want up to 4 IDE (assuming 2 channels) optical drives but may well want another IDE HDD as well as the SATA. The quirks of computers:-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:08 25 Mar 2015

The medion was built just as it was changing over to SATA, 4 sta ports for hard drives, 1 IDE port (master and slave for two optical drives).

However i could never get it to ork with a STA and IDE hard drive together.

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