A Few Jumper Questions

  gplatt2000 12:40 09 Aug 2003

Hi there, I was wondering, does the orientation of the jumper on the pins matter (ie, does it matter which way round it is?), and aslo, the (old) HD I am trying to setup for a friend has no diagram to show jumper settings, so which is the most common location for them (to set as master)? Thanks a lot in advance, Gavin

  seedie 12:49 09 Aug 2003

The jumper is just bit of metal for connecting to pins together there fore not polarity sensitve.

Some drives have no jumper for master selection others have pin 1 and 2 (nearest the power plug) for master only. Quite often there is a diagram on the drive itself.

Come back and let us know if you get stuck.


  Lozzy 12:57 09 Aug 2003

Seagate Settings
click here

Maxtor Settings click here

Hope this helps

  gplatt2000 13:14 09 Aug 2003

Thanks ppl , I will have a try a bit later on, I think the drive is a Fujitsu though??? ButI will try different settings, Doesn't hlp that there are no markings on the mobo to show IDE1 and IDE2, so I have to try different positions. Anyway, thanks a lot for your help, Gavin

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