A few days ago I order some spares

  hssutton 22:16 12 Apr 2019

I also paid for first class postage, today I recieved an email with the following 'Royal Mail has a target of 93% next-working day delivery for First Class mail, however as I am sure you know this is not a guaranteed delivery service. As stated on our website please allow up to 10 days for First Class deliveries'. Probably will not take ten days, but is this now the state of our postal service What on earth is wrong with our country. I also placed an order with Ebuyer today, Email recieved today informing delivery on Saturday

  Forum Editor 13:17 13 Apr 2019

"What on earth is wrong with our country"

The short answer to that is 'whatever we have allowed to go wrong'.

When people complain about the state of a democratic society they are, in effect complaining about themselves. Our country has become what we made of it. If standards have fallen, it's our fault.

If we want a better society we can have one - we simply need to adopt a higher set of standards and teach them to our children. They will raise the bar still further, and teach their children.

The same principle works in reverse.

We haven't got a better postal service because we are not prepared to pay for one. Royal Mail was wholly or partly in public ownership for over 500 years, but Royal Mail Group Ltd. is a listed company - the government ceased to own any part of it in 2015. Like all businesses, it needs to make a profit for its shareholders,. but that has not proved to be an easy task. The share price is currently bumping along at an all time low. We are not sending letters in anything like the volume we used to, and that has impacted hugely in terms of revenue.

In my opinion, a national Mail service is the one thing that should be a nationalised concern. If America can run a government-owned postal service efficiently, I don't see why we shouldn't be able to do it.

  KEITH 1955 16:04 13 Apr 2019

think this should be on speakers corner not tech talk.

  Old Deuteronomy 17:33 13 Apr 2019

I ordered a few things from Axminster Tolls and Machinery, on Monday aster 5:00pm. Turned up with the Postie on Wednesday. My experience of Royal Mail is that it is generally reliable.

  KEITH 1955 18:37 13 Apr 2019

I don't use amazon prime because I always get stuff delivered before the date anyway

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