Feeview Box into TV card ...

  Stonechatz 09:20 23 Jul 2005

... lets me see terrestrial stations OK - but none of the FV channels. It works via the AV channel on the TV - I take it you cannot tune the PCI TV card in the computer to 'see' an AV input ... ? The FV box is a Bush DTF...(something)!

  Mikè 09:40 23 Jul 2005

It all depends wether your free-view box has an RF modulator or not. Check the spec's it will say something like 'CH 21-68 adjustable' if it does.

Then it's a matter of splitting the RF out to feed your tv and pci card.

  Stuartli 09:50 23 Jul 2005

Why not just buy a TwinHan PCI Freeview TV card from click here (amongst keenest prices from brand in the UK)?

click here

Great pictures and sound and also HDTV compatible - acts as a PVR, has EPG and remote control amongst other features.

  geedad 12:19 23 Jul 2005

What FV box are you using?
I can watch and record Digital TV with my Gtrundig FV box, Panasonic DVD/Tape player.
Hook up is mostly by trial and error since some boxes have 2 scarts some have only 1. But it can be done. I have to add that I watch - and record- with Sony Giga Pocket software.
All that I record on the PC can then be used to make playable DVDs, even your old VHS tapes can be copied to DVD - with suitable software, such as TempGenc.
Keep experimenting!

  woodchip 13:38 23 Jul 2005

Hears a freeview TV what I use click here

Only works with Win2000 or Win XP

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