Feeling lost new pc or upgrade?

  ElijahArcheage 21:02 24 Feb 2015

So I'm terribad at computer building/knowledge.

My current computer has a Nividia 660. The power unit is 350w, 8mb ram and an i5 processor (3.10ghz). I play games a lot, and have recently moved into one in which I wish to stream.

I was advised to get a new graphics card and SSD vs my HDD. So I bought a Nividia 970 and a 500gb Crucial SSD.

Now I've learned that my PSU is really bad, that it shouldn't be used for my current graphics card never mind the new one I've bought. Also there is no place to mount my SSD. A the moment I've spent £440 on buying new pieces. But unable to fit them unless I get a new PSU. But the PSU is pretty small and finding a replacement seems unlikely?

click here PSU.

Thanks in advance.


  rdave13 23:58 24 Feb 2015

Give links to the gpu you've bought and the PC you have. The SSD drive will be ok for a few games. Crucial not one of the best for write speeds but good enough.

Problems can arrise if your case is mATX size for a supporting PSU to fit in.

  Jollyjohn 13:05 25 Feb 2015

I think a new case would help, this would allow a standard PSU to be fitted and give space to mount SSD.

click here is a link to my local PC supplier, as you can see there is a wide range of cases available.

Moving everything across is not difficult, just make notes for connectors, take pictures as you go and give yourself a good working area as everything will come out of the old case before you start putting it in the new case.

  SparkyJack 13:14 25 Feb 2015

Your first line, suggessts you should not consider the upgraded route .

This inevitably leads to a expensive 'Black Hole/tal chasing obtaining components that do not work together.

Computers are desighnd around a discrete component set.

Spend the money on new current machine.

  rickf 14:08 25 Feb 2015

Problem is he has already spent £440 on components. I guess its a case of a new case and build from scratch.

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