[DELETED] 21:50 06 Feb 2006


Finally did my website and was looking for feedback.

It's my first so be gentle.


  [DELETED] 21:51 06 Feb 2006

ah, I guess the URL would help.

click here

  Ade_1 23:02 06 Feb 2006

For your first go i think it looks very good!, i am hoping to make my first website soon, wont be as good as yours though!

  mco 23:19 06 Feb 2006

Does what it should; beautiful crisp pictures, easy to see and enlarge - accurate spelling - very important! I believe there's something about your email though - not giving it out in full on the page to avoid getting spammers - others will no doubt elaborate -but I liked it very much.

  [DELETED] 23:29 06 Feb 2006

Your grammar and syntax are pretty good - better than most sites that we see here.

What is all that white space on the superfluous home page about? Either lose the empty space or lose that page altogether.

Excellent images.

Your copyright notice needs to be more "to the point". Obviously, I don't know about the finer points of Canadian copyright law, but in the UK, we use something along the lines of "All content subject to copyright [insert name of company here]. All rights reserved.

Either place that email address in a background-coloured graphic or use a form.

  [DELETED] 23:49 06 Feb 2006

Thanks so far for the comments and encouragement.

To answer (and ask) some questions:

Re: Superfluous home page -- that's there partly because I want to present a very clean (since that's my style ... the reason for the white space), fast loading first impression. Also while that page is up the images for the navigation bars for the other pages are loading.

Re: copyright comment -- I will adjust to refer to all content, thanks. Unfortunately the copyright on some of the wedding photos is unknown. I have the bride's permission, but they were taken by a wedding photographer whose name I don't know. The issue of who owns copyright to wedding pictures is a cloudy one here; there was actually an article written about it.

Re: email address -- The email address already is a graphic; i.e. it is not text but a button. Maybe I am missing the point of what you are suggesting but I think I've already done it.

Haven't graduated to forms yet.

Thanks again. More comments welcome

  spuds 23:54 06 Feb 2006

Not bad for a first, but a number of points that I think worthy of consideration.Excuse my abruptness, but times getting late here in the UK. And my assessment is a quick response, not an insult to you or the site.

Opening page: The single red rose flower arrangement looks very limp. The flower arrangement on 'about'section looks far better, and would be more ideal as an opener. Valentine roses come but once a year!. The click to enter requires a colour change to something more distinctive and appealing.

'Our' and 'we' statements want re-work.

Pictures of flowers and arrangements would look better in circular boxes, cupid formations instead of solid squares.Make a point, that clocking on the flowers and arrangements will open a better design display. This can be overlooked, in the first instance.The 'open' pages look far better,and could be easily missed in haste.

Your mention credit cards, but very little mention about delivery arrangements and area's covered. The same applies to your contact address. Here in the UK, certain details have to be given to comply with internet and consumer laws. Whether the same applies to Canada, I would check that out.

In general,I would be very satisfied with this first attempt. Its got the making of something very good. Simple, clear to the point, and most of the information is there.

  Forum Editor 00:49 07 Feb 2006

and I would change very little. The point of a site like this is to inform and (hopefully) sell, and it certainly does both as far as I'm concerned. I love the clean, uncluttered look - you've realised that what people really want is to see the product, they don't need a lot of extra fussy detail and clutter.

In the UK, copyright in wedding photographs (and indeed all other photographs) is automatically vested in the photographer unless otherwise agreed.

One gripe:-

When rolling over the images I saw several stunning designs that appealed to me. I can't tell you which ones they were, because you haven't referenced them in any way. If I contacted you to place an order I would prefer to ask for display number 123/B, rather than "those lilies and white roses on the table setting in the wedding section".

Two nitpicks:-

On the prices page, I would prefer to see your points in the guide to regular prices bulleted, rather than simply inset. They look somewhat ragged as they are. There's no escape on this page by the way - you should provide visitors with a back-link to the order page.

Otherwise you've done a good job - most people would be delighted if they produced something as good as this at their first attempt. I really like the display on the index page by the way - it doesn't look remotely 'limp' to me.

  [DELETED] 07:59 07 Feb 2006

Thanks everyone.

Don't feel badly about being the odd one out. The advice about Google is especially helpful. I know about the image tag issue ... I haven't dealt with that because of time. Similarly the issue of pricing and coding each individual piece ... that is a large omission that has to be rectified but I also needed to get something up there.

I used graphics for most of the text because I'm nervous about how things will be rendered if I use standard text. That's probably something I should let go of but so far I've been a bit of a coward.

Some of the things people have mentioned I have corrected right away, others will take more time but I do appreciate the feedback and will use most of it. As can be seen from the comments here, the choice of images and other visual design issues are to a significant extent matters of personal taste, I can't expect to please everyone. It's interesting to me that the response to the feather design on the splash page is consistently very positive in north america (I've asked for feedback on other boards) and a lot less so in the UK.

Thanks again.

  [DELETED] 08:04 07 Feb 2006

Is there a special way to create bullets in dreamweaver. I'm nervous about using a character because I'm not sure how it will be rendered on other browsers. Is there a character besides '-' that is consistent?

  [DELETED] 15:22 07 Feb 2006

You've not really answered my main criticism of the home page; which is that - if you have to have it - at least get rid of the miles of scrollable white space. Any scrollable space WILL be scrolled by your visitors because they will assume that there is something there to see. Yet, there is nothing below the flower and the empty space is equivalent to the size of an average browser window, so you have a page that is twice as long as it needs to be.

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