Feedback whistle on phone after broadband filters

  RWBCAM 15:40 11 Feb 2006

Since I installed broadband, I have an annoying intermittent feedback whistle on the wall phone in the kitchen. The other 2 phones are OK.

I have 3 phones, the phone cable from the pole comes to the kitchen first, then an extension to the hall and a further extension to the bedroom. With broadband I plugged a filter, with phone and ADSL socket into each phone socket. I've tried swapping the filters around but nothing has changed. I wonder whether to buy a new filter in case one is dud?

The only other thing I can think of is that in order to use the computer in another bedroom I unscrewed the cap on the old style round jack plug socket and wired another extension through to this jackplug socket. The bedroom phone and PC work fine but I notice that the telephone does not ring with incoming calls (there is no phone in the original bedroom). Is it possible that a mistake in wiring on this extra bedroom extension is causing this feedback in the kitchen? Any thoughts gratefully received as you can imagine my wife is far from happy with this situation.

  Diemmess 15:48 11 Feb 2006

It is possible that the trouble lies here with a wrong connection. You could try disconnecting there (temporarily)

  spuds 20:40 11 Feb 2006

If you want to check out the connections and wiring circuits, try click here click here click here

  Ex plorer 01:41 12 Feb 2006

I had this problem
Try disconecting one phone at a time and see if its a phone thats causing that annoying intermittent feedback.
One other thing I did and was advised by a BT engineer was too remove the top cover off the main incoming BT box and plug straight into the back socket this cut out back feed I was getting a new top was fit and that was ok.
If you know where the cables run check them out.

  SB23 11:57 12 Feb 2006

One for "my postings" I think, I can use the links that spuds has included for when I redo my connections once I've moved. Thankyou

  RWBCAM 18:10 13 Feb 2006

(Thank you all very much for your answers) In reply to rmcqua, I connected 3 wires.

The wires coming into the old round jackplug terminal are a different colour and by trial and error I got it working, however as I mentioned, the phone doesn't ring and the main phone has feedback.

At present the wiring is:

Incoming to ancient round Jack plug then connected on to new wired extension as follows:

1. Brown connected to new wire white
2. Orange connected to new wire orange
3. Blue connected to new wire green
4. Incoming wire green not connected to new wire

The new cable has a blue wire which is not connected.

Any thoughts

  RWBCAM 12:57 14 Feb 2006

Problem solved and many thanks to Spuds. I found from clicking on his links to circuit diagrams that pins 2,3 and 5 were the live ones. I then looked at the wiring and traced the old wiring colours from these pins on to my new extension.

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