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  javaBalls 11:44 11 Aug 2004

As part of my university course I have been asked to build a website for a member of staff.

It is intended to teach students (of secondary school age) about savings and investments.

It should also have the facility for the teachers to upload worksheets on financial mathematics for the students to download.The students can then upload their work to be graded.

If you register with the site then you can try out some of the other tools. (you will need to give a real email address - don't worry I will delete once the evaluation is over).

I would be grateful if you could point out any errors that you may find.

click here


  Forum Editor 19:33 11 Aug 2004

many forum members to register with their email addresses despite your promise to delete them at the end of your trial. I didn't do it, so I can't comment on that aspect of the site which is only available to members.

Otherwise I like it - in fact I like it a lot, particularly your homepage image.

One important point - check and double-check your text for spelling and grammatical errors. Completely at random I found: Accumlate (accumulate) and Accure (accrue) - both in the Java applet window for the compound calculator.

  javaBalls 21:58 11 Aug 2004


If only I had a spell checker (I often use notepad). I'm so busy coding things for the website I sometimes don't even read what I have written. But it does look really bad if words are incorrectly spelt. So thanks for pointing out those errors.

It would be nice if a few people did register with the site to test the other aspects. But I suppose that I would probably not register with someone's site either. But I promise I will not submit anyone's email to a spammer (I have no idea how to do such a thing anyway).

However, I have now set up a guest account.

username: pcadvisor
password: pcadvisor

This will work until someone logs in and changes the password! (If you do change the password then please change it back for others to try.)


  Forum Editor 00:01 12 Aug 2004

to read the version in your brain cache rather than what's actually on the page."

You never said a truer word fourm member, and it's the reason publishers have proof-readers. A good tip with site design is to make a hard copy of all your text and read it before you publish the site to the server. That way you're not distracted by the hundred and one other things that you're looking at on the screen - images, hyperlinks, nav buttons etc.

  Charence 01:18 12 Aug 2004

I think most of the problems have been identified by FE and fourm member; spelling!

I've got some design suggestions. On the splash page, it maybe better to make it automatically re-direct after a few seconds. And maybe it will look even better if the whole page was centered.

Very good website.


  javaBalls 13:17 12 Aug 2004

Damn, I thought I got rid of all the spelling errors.

I am getting someone to proof read it.

I like the idea of the automatic redirect. Is JavaScript the best way to do this?

It probably would look better if the whole thing was cantered. But as I have so many tables this would probably be a nightmare to do. With the page left aligned I hoped that it would fit on smaller screens. If you look at the bbc's site they also have their page left aligned and on my screen their is a big white space on the right.

  Charence 19:00 12 Aug 2004

no need for javascript use the following code

<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="10; URL=page.html">

place the code in your <head>. To change the delay before redirection change the value after CONTENT (e.g. 10) its measured in seconds.

and the "page.html" is the page which it will load.

There is no need to centre each table, all I do is write <center> immediately after the <body> tag so that everything which follows will be centred (except text).


  Gaz 25 00:35 13 Aug 2004

It you are a student...

Thrid paragraph.

It should be:

If you are a student...

  javaBalls 00:41 13 Aug 2004

any other comments?

  javaBalls 21:54 16 Aug 2004

I have made some changes (mostly spelling corrections!)

I would appreciate it if some people could take a few moments to complete the online survey.

click here

I need to collect some statistics for my evaluation part of the project.

  javaBalls 16:43 23 Aug 2004

Ok. This is the last time I will post to this thread.

I need some people to take the survey click here

You don't have to be a registred user.

The results will be useful when I have to write report for my project.


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