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  Marky_Bhoy 01:30 14 Apr 2004

This website is for an assignment for the IT course that I am currently studying.

The subject matter is skiing. However that really doesn’t matter much. I am being assessed on the multimedia content and range of technologies etc.

It is due next week, so I would really appreciate some feedback on how I could improve it.

What mark out of 10 would you give it?

Please make use of the feedback section.

And if you do know any skiers then let them have a look at it and maybe they could submit a ‘tip of the day’

click here



It uses MySQL and PHP.
IT is multimedia rich therefore it really requires BB to view it.
It has only be tested with IE v 6
The gallery is not working yet (it generates pictures randomly)
I still have to enter info for items of equipment in the database

  Gaz 25 02:21 14 Apr 2004

Ok, I will suggest as I see.

On this page: click here

There is a invalid charicter:



There needs to be a skip button at the bottom, in case I changed my mind.

  Gaz 25 02:37 14 Apr 2004

Its looking good, however CSS style sheets, good for some things but this site relies on it. Some browsers dont render, use CSS correctly therefore there could be cross browser problems.

However it was professional looking and you deserve a good mark in your exam.

I sent an e-mail as of my support for you.

Good luck.


  Gaz 25 02:39 14 Apr 2004

For you information:

AMD althlon XP system

Opera 7.23 Web Browser

5Mb broadband connection

  Taran 07:58 14 Apr 2004

An ambitious project and impressively implemented in general.

Without knowing the course this is intended to be submitted for it is impossible to even consider offering an idea of potential marks - at the end of the day it not only depends on how well you have done, it can also depend on the nature and level of your fellow students work too, since you will all be marked against assignment criteria and probably each other as well.

Some general observations:

CSS/XHTML is always a good springboard to start from but the entire point to CSS is to keep your page format separate to the content and full use of CSS removes the vast majority of the HTML tags. Your page still relies very heavily on HTML tags though, and while this is no bad thing in some respects, partial use of CSS can introduce potential errors if you give contradictory format instructions in the CSS and in an HTML tag. You could wrap your entire layout into a few <div> tags controlled by CSS and get rid of all those tables.

An example of unusual CSS reference is as follows:

<tr class='topLinks'>
<td class='topLinks'><a href='snowboarding.php' class = 'topLinks'>

If you get your CSS right you won't even need to reference a hyperlink style in the link HTML, unless you are running more than one link style and even so, you can apply the style to a table and cover every link inside it with one reference.

You may drop marks on the source code itself. Your intro movie page is the only one I found with an attempt at a real page DTD, but it then goes on to use imroper code in some parts of that page:

<link rel = stylesheet type="text/css" href="style[1].css">

should be

<link rel = "stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style[1].css" />

You missed out the quote marks from

link rel = stylesheet

and you used an illegal closing > tag when you had set the DTD as XHTML 1.0 Transitional. The closing tag needs to be />

There are several other examples in the same page where the wrong closing tag has been used, and near the bottom of the page you have a double opening tag, like this:

<<table class="topLinks">

The table tag I've listed above has no closing tag at all, so it doesn't even need to be in the page.

Through the other pages there are lots of instances of:

<p><br /></p>

as well as some other missing quote marks and strange <> tags. Your flash intro page is also the only one I saw on the site which has a properly declared DTD - the other pages have no DTD at all.

Some grammatical errors are present, like this one from the Snowboarding page:

"In the miainthis website has been about skiing."

You might also consider offering the Windows Media Player file on that same page as a link to be clicked which launches the player. At the moment the file tries [very, very slowly] to load up as soon as the page renders in the browser. It can be a nice touch to offer media files as options for a user to interact with, which will play on selection rather than by default. It would also be worth including a file which did not insist on the user downloading version 9 of the player.

On the face of it the site is impressive and has a lot in its favour. You have a lot of tweaking to do though, to get the best possible mark out of it. Don't forget that your accompanying documentation will, in most assignments, account for a large portion of your overall marks.

Good luck with it.

  Gaz 25 18:50 14 Apr 2004

Heck Taran,

Another looooooooong post.

Though I do love reading them! I learn something every time.

  Marky_Bhoy 21:37 14 Apr 2004

Thanks Gaz 25 and Taran

Gaz 25 - I have tired to remove that invalid character (<) on the flash intro page but it still appears when I view it through Opera.

I may decide not to out a skip button in the flash Intro. For purposes of the assignment I think I will just forces them to watch the flash intro if they decide to watch it (cos it took me hours to make)

I should clarify that this assignment will be marked using IE V 6.0 and using as fast internet connection.

Taran - Thank you for your thorough examination. I spoke to the person who will be marking my assignment and he said that they were not to bothered will sloppy code. It has more to do with the overall design and presentation and meeting its goals. And your are right - it has a lot to do with the standard of my other class mates.

Moreover, this website has been put together in 3.5 weeks. I am not all that familiar with some of the expressions you have used.

Thank you both for reviewing my site. I hope others will do the same.

  Marky_Bhoy 23:42 14 Apr 2004

i have fixed the gallery now.

Anyone else want to comment?

  Gaz 25 03:24 15 Apr 2004


Yeah, the skip button. Ah well, it was just me not wanting to wait while it ended. lol

Looking good now.

  Gaz 25 03:27 15 Apr 2004

The (<) can be removed!

Open up notepad get this line in view:

<embed src="Final%20Version.swf" width="550" height="400" hspace="70" vspace="10" align="absmiddle" quality="high" pluginspage="click here" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed><<table class="topLinks">

Note the double << in here: </embed><<table class="topLinks">

  Gaz 25 03:28 15 Apr 2004

I removed it myself in 2 secs on a local copy I made of that page. Works fine.

Cannot see the problem. Dont want you to loose marks over it though.

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