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  Matt45 17:58 20 Apr 2004

I have created a website for my new buisness and although it isn't completed yet, I was just hoping that some of you could give me your feedback on it. It uses a lot of graphics and so some important things that I need to know are does it display correctly on your setup, does it take quite a long time to load (I'm on broadband so it would be interesting to know how it will be for a 56k modem user) and does it give prospective buyers a good impression? Thanks

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This isn't an advertisement :)

  Paranoid Android 20:14 20 Apr 2004

Any relation to Matss Script Archives ?

Website is very impressive. The body text loads very quickly on 56K and looks good, the buttons load a little later but that's fine.

I like the colours and the layout is very clear, and the use of images is just right, not at all over the top.

My ONLY comment is that you have gone to a lot of trouble to make your company look slick and professional (for example four email addresses in the 'contact us' section), but the information given in 'About Us' is a little bit 'One man and his dog'. You have a shop window that can make you look a lot bigger than you are, I would say don't spoil it.

Other than that wee small quibble, congratulations on a great looking site, I am jealous. Definitely one for the bookmark.


  PurplePenny 20:24 20 Apr 2004

I'm on 56k Win98 Opera 7.5

The loading time was fine (and I'm impatient with long loads). I don't know how quickly the page with 200 template thumbnails will load but the page of 16 thumbnails was perfectly acceptable.

It seems to be displaying correctly (nothing looks incorrect!). There are a few typos you should put right before going live ("buisness" for "business" - twice) but you'll need to get someone else to spot them (one's own typos are difficult to spot).

At the moment the "view shopping cart" button links straight back to the page that it is one but I assume that that is just because this is a work in progress.


  PurplePenny 20:26 20 Apr 2004

should be " that it is on" .... what was I saying about one's own typos :-)


  Matt45 22:44 20 Apr 2004

Thanks for your comments.

No, I have no relation to Matts Script Archive.

I'll correct the typing errors next time I'm editing it. Thanks for pointing them out

  tomleady 10:27 21 Apr 2004

it looks really good Matt. well done. on a T1, it loads incredibly fast.

it looks very smart, it easy to use.

the colours go really well, and i really like the use of different colour 'i' boxes. nice one!

so yeah, generally, well done matt. i'll be adding thsi to my favourites so i can check out some of your templates.


  whatsupdoc 16:13 21 Apr 2004

but it looks great and loads really fast on MB sec. if i was looking for your services i'd certainly consider you from seeing your site

regards nick

  jg1990 16:34 21 Apr 2004

Nice Site!

It fits in well with the look of Win XP.
Am I right in thinking it was designed by darken design?

  Taran 16:58 21 Apr 2004

That's all I get.

  jg1990 17:00 21 Apr 2004

I just tried it again and got the same as Taran.

  Matt45 17:33 21 Apr 2004

The server seems to be done at the moment.

jg1990 - I don't know who darken design is, I designed it after looking at a template on a pay site though.

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