Feedback, or rather lack of

  [DELETED] 23:49 17 Dec 2003

Sorry, but I don't think I can be bothered replying to any queries for the foreseeable future. I can see no reason to waste time posting information when obviously helpful posts are ignored and no feedback results.

  christmascracker 10:56 18 Dec 2003

Come on, Jester2K II has just apologised, as leo 49 has just pointed out "Season of Goodwill, gentlemen, peace on Earth,etc."

  plsndrs3 10:59 18 Dec 2003

Just a small point, but I don't understand what your problem is with J2K. His replies started clearly in your support but acknowledging that there is little we can do to change things. I see no change and certainly are not facetious as far as I can see: he is just telling it like it is. Now, telling everyone to climb down from their pulpits could very easily seen as sarcastic.

I have NOT missed the point. Of course it would be nice to find out what cured the problem but you ain't going to get it from everyone all the time - a bit like telling everyone to make sure that they use the green tick that also comes round on a regular basis like a merry-go-round.

Just the way life is I'm afraid and moaning or complaining to others isn't going to make it stop. Get on with your life & don't try to make mountains out of molehills or wind people up with your posts. You cannot FORCE people to respond as you want for any one of a hundred reasons.



  Ben Avery 11:05 18 Dec 2003

...that it's the (general) atmosphere (barr the obvious few) of this forum which keeps the people who post here so often coming back. So many forums are offensive in ways that this forum is not. You come here to ask for help, or you come here to offer assistance to those who are asking for it. Period.

However, for people to get offended because they came here to offer help and didn't recieve praise or a stisfying "thank you" is pathetic. If you want thanks, then go somewhere else. Whether or not your solution worked or even helped the person is up to the person who asked for the help to say. If they don't say, then that's their right. Why does it seem that people are so anxious to receive a pat on the back? I know it's nice but that's all. It doesn't change anything.

In your defense I will say that it is good for the forum (as well as for future visitors with similar issues) if people do post WHICH reply solved the problem but I think we need to be reasonable here.

Keep in mind one of my all time favorite sayings and you wont go far wrong:

"Hope for the best, expect the worst"

If we all did that, nobody would expect anything from others which would later upset them if it didn't materialise. In laymans terms, HOPE for a "thank you" but never EXPECT one.

I'm done.


  Forum Editor 11:06 18 Dec 2003

There's no call for personal innuendo and/or insult. We're here to offer help and advice. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I think that many people are so relieved when they get the answer to their problem that they completely forget about posting back to confirm that it worked. We're all different, and many people probably work on the basis that this is what we're here for - so why should they bother to provide feedback?

Whatever the reason, if you think you can persuade everyone to come back with a confirmation you'll be in for a long wait, and if the lack of it means that you can't be bothered to offer any more help then so be it - we'll just have to shuffle along without you.

  [DELETED] 11:09 18 Dec 2003

"Missimg the point!
I am NOT looking for thanks. I DO want to know if a suggestion WORKED or not so that it can be of use to someone else. All you preachers can now get out of your pulpits and put your sermons back where they belong."

Guess you didn't see this.

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