Feedback, or rather lack of

  [DELETED] 23:49 17 Dec 2003

Sorry, but I don't think I can be bothered replying to any queries for the foreseeable future. I can see no reason to waste time posting information when obviously helpful posts are ignored and no feedback results.

  [DELETED] 23:57 17 Dec 2003

You having a bad day, Salinger?

  [DELETED] 00:08 18 Dec 2003

You want one example? click here

I don't need your facetious comments.

  [DELETED] 00:16 18 Dec 2003

Yup, looks like you've had a bad day, Salinger. ;)

  [DELETED] 00:41 18 Dec 2003

Salinger, there are many reasons that the poster of a problem fails to respond or say thank you if a reply has helped.

Don't be to despondent about it. When someone does post back saying, "Thank you" it more than makes up for all the ones that didn't. j.

  [DELETED] 00:48 18 Dec 2003

I don't see a problem with the sample thread you linked to at all. In fact, quite the reverse.

The first reply got a very pleasant " Thank you for your reply"

The second got " Tried your suggestion, with thanks..."

The third began " Cheers D S"

I saw more thanks from that person than I've seen in most other threads.

The poster clearly states that they are in Spain and perhaps their work or private commitments are preventing them from getting online.

It may be that their PC woes have progressed from L&H to a more global problem that is stopping their web access.

Perhaps they solved the issue on their own, or with help from another source and maybe they are thanking that source right now.

Perhaps they are so busy with preparations for Christmas that time is not a luxury at present.

In fact, it could be any one of several billion other reasons why they have not responded but, to put this into a reasonable perspective and to keep one foot planted firmly on the ground, I saw nothing but thanks from the thread originator at every response that was offered. This was in spite of the fact that the "obviously helpful posts" did not, in fact, help. Yet they were appreciated and taken on face value as genuine attempts to assist, which is exactly what they were.

Frankly I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more along these lines.

You can't resolve them all and you can't expect everyone to jump at the chance to sing praise, specify what worked and what did not or even get back online in a hurry if other priorities are higher on their list than visiting a website - even one as good as this. Human nature and/or current circumstances rarely combine to meet that expectation.

I agree that at times it would be helpful to know what the fix was for any given problem. This would be especially useful for quick searches for a solution, or for others who may have a similar problem to solve.

I really don't see what the issue is here.

You offer your help or you don't and you do it because you want to, because you can, and because you enjoy helping people - at least, that's my excuse.

There is no golden rule to say that feedback is a condition of offered help.

  hugh-265156 01:28 18 Dec 2003

what do you want,a medal?

totally agree with Taran

"You offer your help or you don't and you do it because you want to"

could not have put it any better myself.

i do so because i enjoy it and i may also learn something/already have done in the process that may in return help me some day sort out any problems i have.

its nice to get a thanks yes,if you dont so what?

  hugh-265156 03:24 18 Dec 2003

im glad then that i dont have your "superior knowledge" petersmyth1.

  [DELETED] 07:24 18 Dec 2003



  [DELETED] 09:12 18 Dec 2003

I hope some of the people posting here don't take 5 minutes to look outside their (small? empty?) lives and realise there are bigger things to worry about in the world.

It would probably kill them to realise it.

  [DELETED] 09:28 18 Dec 2003

this is a very good site when i first came here i had a problem that my computer manafacturer could not resolve or the local pc shop.needless to say it was fixed here by the people who offer their time for nothing.i now in turn help others if i can.this is a very friendly site with helpfull members who are always willing to with huggyg71 im glad i dont have your superior knowledge.darren

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