Feedback About Website Design Please

  PurplePenny 21:28 23 Jan 2006

Only 6/10 for the Macra Terror? I can still sing the jingle!

Frames are not good! As jeff21up says they are not good for search engines and they are not recommended for accessibility either. The plain blue background of the frame sidebar looks a bit strange with the charcoal grey patterned background of the main pages. (I prefer the grey).

Personally I'd put the pages about other series into separate folders and just put a link to "Red Dwarf pages" and "X-Files pages" in the Dr Who navigation. The site is for Dr Who fans after all; they may not think that Red Dwarf and X-Files have any right to be mentioned in the same breath as Dr Who ;-)

Be good to yourself and get some proper editing software.
Older versions of some software are given away on magazine cover discs (e.g. last April's copy of PC Advisor had NetObjects Fusion).
A very old version of Serif WebPlus is available free from Serif: click here (once you have downloaded the free version you get offers of discounts on later versions).
Nvu is Open Source and free click here

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