Feedback About Website Design Please

  CMC 42 20:10 21 Jan 2006

click here

What does everyone think? i.e. what needs improving?

Bare in mind that I am using word currently.

  jeff21up 14:37 23 Jan 2006

Not a bad start, kinda reminds me of when I first started. My advice would be to get rid of the frames, they are ugly and are not search engine friendly. I now prefer to do all my designing in php.
My site now click here

  PurplePenny 21:28 23 Jan 2006

Only 6/10 for the Macra Terror? I can still sing the jingle!

Frames are not good! As jeff21up says they are not good for search engines and they are not recommended for accessibility either. The plain blue background of the frame sidebar looks a bit strange with the charcoal grey patterned background of the main pages. (I prefer the grey).

Personally I'd put the pages about other series into separate folders and just put a link to "Red Dwarf pages" and "X-Files pages" in the Dr Who navigation. The site is for Dr Who fans after all; they may not think that Red Dwarf and X-Files have any right to be mentioned in the same breath as Dr Who ;-)

Be good to yourself and get some proper editing software.
Older versions of some software are given away on magazine cover discs (e.g. last April's copy of PC Advisor had NetObjects Fusion).
A very old version of Serif WebPlus is available free from Serif: click here (once you have downloaded the free version you get offers of discounts on later versions).
Nvu is Open Source and free click here

  CMC 42 22:42 23 Jan 2006

Hey purple penny - The frames thing is odd because on my original site I was told by several people that it needed navigation, some of which suggested frames. I tried to use serif and it wasn't setting the pages up right (who designs web pages on a portrait piece of A4?!), I've tried NVU before and didn't have a clue what I was doing.

NetObjects Fusion is the one I have used before but its on a currently inaccesable disc (I got it ages ago on a magazine, not the april edition of PC Advisor).

The Macra Terror? Never seen it - could well be my friend Chris' rating or we may have taken averages from ratings guides if neither of us had seen it :)

  CMC 42 16:48 24 Jan 2006

What do you think of click here for website design software?

  ade.h 17:39 24 Jan 2006

Well, it is very cheap....

But I would be reticent to invest time in a package if I couldn't be sure that it would grow with me. I'm still learning new tricks to NOF8. The other factor is support; the established major players have good support, dedicated forums and newsgroups and the experience of people here.

  PurplePenny 21:11 24 Jan 2006

You don't need frames for navigation. You can set yourself up a template page with your navigation (and anything else that you want on every page -- a header for instance) on it then just use that for each new page. Once you have got yourself some software you will find it easy -- especially as many WYSIWYGs come with templates that you can adapt to your heart's content.

Are you sure that it was Serif's WebPlus that you used? I've used it and it didn't try to make anything landscape A4, that sounds far more like PagePlus. WebPlus comes with dozens of templates. Nvu does take some getting used to but it will do a lot. It claims to rival Dreamweaver and Frontpage but I don't know whether it does really.

If you can afford it the one to go for is FrontPage 2003. I've never used it but those who know about such things (e.g. FE and Taran) give it top marks.

I don't know the software on that link so I can't really comment.

  CMC 42 22:07 28 Jan 2006

Purple Penny - yes it was definitely webplus.

what does click here look like? (The Buttons were created in ButtonFarmLite which I have on an old PC Advisor Disc).

What's going on with email then? I always have it so that I get a notification email when there's a reply to my topic and didn't get one for the last two posts, which is why I've been so long in answering.

  PurplePenny 22:34 28 Jan 2006

Several people have said that they are not getting e-mail notification of replies. There is a thread about it over in Speaker's Corner.

I really like the new look: much more suited to the spirit of Dr Who.

  CMC 42 23:19 28 Jan 2006

Cheers - obviously that's just a temporary page at the moment - the main site still currently looks the same. I'll finish the pages later. So you think that's much better?

Oh and I got an email notification this time.

  CMC 42 17:49 19 Apr 2006

I've finally got my hands on a copy of Net Objects Fusion 8 (was on another computer mag this month)

What does everyone think currently needs improving? click here for the current layout. :-)

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