louandel 10:44 22 Jul 2006

I have just finished an update of my website.
click here

Any feedback would be most appreciated


  Forum Editor 11:21 22 Jul 2006

with the site - each time I click on a navigation button it opens the page in a new window.

  louandel 11:52 22 Jul 2006


when I was setting it up on dreamweaver (I am quite new) and doung hyperlinks to other pages. there was a question which asked me whether I wanted (I think):
I thought if I did self it would bring up new page in seperate window so if it was closed you would always be left with the index page.

It sounds as if you find it irritating?


  bowman 13:17 22 Jul 2006

"It sounds as if you find it irritating"

Just a little....
Most people use the link buttons to navigate the site, they tend not to use the close window option. The way your site is set up means that every time you use a link the window stays open and you end up with loads of windows open sitting on your task bar.

I tend to use the "TOP" option in Dreamweaver for the links.


  Forum Editor 13:24 22 Jul 2006

I think everyone will.

The Home button is there so visitors can always return to the index page. My advice is to change your navigations settings, so new pages load in the same window.

  ade.h 14:43 22 Jul 2006

The only reason for loading a page in a new tab is when it's an external site - then it's very sensible. Otherwise, it's very annoying.

  ade.h 14:45 22 Jul 2006

Another point: anyone who has scripts/shockwave/etc blocked will not see your links at all. Okay for those of us who use NoScript - I just permitted your domain - but some people will lose functionality completely and not know how to fix it. They'll assume that it's the site's fault.

  louandel 17:38 22 Jul 2006

Thanks guys i am going to change the site so the windows do not open on top of each other.

ade.h: How do I change this problem?

And what about the rest of the site? Any thoughts?

Thanks for your time


  ade.h 17:56 22 Jul 2006

"How do I change this problem?"

Don't use scripted navbar buttons. The only reason that I can think of for using scripts in relation to navbars is when flyouts are used, and they use javascript so that no plug-ins are needed. I sometimes use flyouts when the site structure warrants it, though a full site map is included as a backup.

  louandel 19:10 22 Jul 2006

what is a "scripted nav bar button as opposed ordinary nav bar button? I didn't realise I had made one.


  ade.h 19:18 22 Jul 2006

Open your site, hover over a link and you'll see the "Flash" hand. Right-click it and the cotext menu mentions Macromedia Flash 8. A lot of web users don't have Flash. Of those, they either don't know about it or they don't want it.

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