wsces 20:51 23 Jan 2004


Feedback on click here would be appreciated, it's a news gathering application that aggregates, orders and generally harvests XML/RSS feeds from various news sites. It runs of a single ASP page of about 400 lines, and an Access DB.

THere may be a few bugs in it, which is where you come in.

Admittedly the design is a bit dark and I realise the font comes out smaller on some PCs than it does my own. I'm working on a new GUI at the moment, but its the running and scripting of the app I would like feedback on.

Not bad considering I'm only 13.

Chris Santry
click here
[email protected]

  Taran 21:11 23 Jan 2004

Your pop-up opens just fine.

I can't get Internet Explorer to open the actual web page at all though, and Mozilla takes about 45 seconds or so to load it up.

This is on XP Pro, fully patched over ADSL.

When Mozilla did open it, other than the headlines, the rest of the text is so tiny I had to put my nose almost to the monitor screen on a 17" TFT.

  Taran 21:12 23 Jan 2004

OK, I've just tried again in IE and it did eventually open but there's an error icon in the bottom of the status bar saying there's a script error.

  wsces 21:51 23 Jan 2004

As I said I'm redoing the GUI, so the small text is being dealt with.

AS for the script error I havw no idea as to what causing this, as there isn't any JS in the page.I'll look into it

  wsces 21:51 23 Jan 2004

As I said I'm redoing the GUI, so the small text is being dealt with.

AS for the script error I havw no idea as to what causing this, as there isn't any JS in the page.I'll look into it

  PurplePenny 11:31 24 Jan 2004

Certainly not your usual style - as I recall everyone complained about your bright green text boxes last time :-))

It opened just fine in Opera, but I didn't see any pop-up, should there be one?

I clicked a few news items and they all worked but I was a tad confused by the fact that some headlines quoted their source and others showed a summary of the story. Both for each link would be nice.

Your "about" page is very professsional and adult, just a couple of small things mar it:

"get in touch with the site whose news it is, rather than us"

That's a bit clumsy - how about "contact the originating news site, rather than us" (and well done for not making the common, and intensly irritating, mistake of using "ourselves" instead of "us").

"nessercery" - necessary


  wsces 11:42 24 Jan 2004


THanks for the constructive comments!

I certainly have calmed the colours down a bit, see - I do listen to the feedback!

I might lighten them up, in my new GUI for it.

I'll also redo the about page in the changeover.

As for the variation in descriptions, there isn't really a lot I can do about it, as the system can only work with what the news supplier provides, some provide a description of the article, some just quote a source and a time.

  Forum Editor 15:35 24 Jan 2004

as taran says, a script error on the page.

The sub-text is far too small, as the others have said. I'm looking at the site on a 21" monitor, and I almost needed a magnifying glass to read it. Part of the problem is the text/background colour contrast, and you will improve legibility at small font sizes by experimenting with different combinations. Black text will be easier to read on that background.

I do't want to be a party pooper, but have you got copyright licenses from all these sources. All news sites will have very strict copyright rules, and unless you have their written consent you must not take news items directly from their sites for publication in any form. I have a news feed direct from the BBC on one of my sites, and I had to go through a vetting and registration procedure before I was approved. The BBC now feed news directly to the site in real time. Unless you have licences or copyright releases you could find yourself getting some serious legal stuff through the post - The New York Times in particular is very hot on this. Take a look at all the sites you source from, and check out their copyright terms, I'm pretty certain you'll find they all forbid copying and/or distribution of content.

  wsces 17:53 24 Jan 2004

AS I've said many times, the interface is being redone and the readability issues are being addressed, for some reason the size looked bigger on my test pc than it does elsewhere.

Which browser is generating the script error?

I checked news source that the system uses, and made sure that they all comply with the appropriate copyright regulations before they went anywhere near my site. The RSS that most feeds send are completey minimal, and that is the only text that gets indexed.

  Taran 18:48 24 Jan 2004

Internet Explorer on Windows generates the script error.

Opera and Mozilla do not, and they also kill your pop-up before it even gets a chance.

One question springs to mind and forgive me if the rest of your site, which I haven't looked at, answers this: why do you want so many newsfeeds all piped into your page ?

Most newsfeeds work best when you have small blocks of relevant headlines from overall topics: general world news, financial or weather updates, that sort of thing. Pulling in as many feeds as you seem to have done strikes me as a serious information overload to your visitors.

Just a thought.

  Taran 19:15 24 Jan 2004

Out of curiosity I've just rebooted into the Linux partition of the laptop I usually work at.

Konqueror on SuSE Linux opened your page with no issues, although I have to say it took almost a full minute, over ADSL broadband.

No errors encountered.

Having re-tried it on the desktop PC sitting next to me that runs Windows XP and IE, the same script error icon is displayed.

This is the error that IE encounters:

Line: 170

Char: 1

Error: Permission denied

Code: 0

URL: http: geocities /chrisssantry/news/

It's the same error every time I try it on IE. I've not checked it with IE running on an Apple Mac, but one of my available Macs is currently in bits being upgraded and rebuilt and the other is busy [my wife is working at it].

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