Feed Back wanted please

  geoff47 18:34 12 Dec 2005

I would like constructive criticism of my site.
I have not as yet put a payment method into place,but think Paypal will do ok.
I am still tweaking it and would like specially to know if my terms and conditions are sufficient.
Many thanks ....I hope.

  Forum Editor 18:49 12 Dec 2005

that you can't see, Geoff.

Give us a link, and we'll criticise away.

  Forum Editor 22:57 12 Dec 2005

of spelling and punctuation errors, and some of the text could be improved from the readability point of view.

You make no mention of VAT in your pricing information, and that's a legal requirement if you're offering goods for sale online, and are registered for VAT - "all prices inclusive of VAT" or "Prices shown exclude VAT".

I think you'll need to include a good deal more in your terms and conditions of sale - for instance, what happens if someone wants to order from outside the UK? The internet gives access to a global market, and if you only want to sell to people within the UK you should say so - loud and clear. Otherwise, you'll wake up one morning to find that overnight someone has paid dollars to your PayPal account, and is expecting you to deliver to North America for the price you've quoted on the site. It's happened to many people starting up in e-commerce for the first time.

The site has a good, friendly feel about it, and I guess that suits its target market. The text point size is a tad large for me, but that's a personal thing.

Perhaps that's enough for now - you've done well with this, but it could be more effective with a few tweaks.

  geoff47 02:16 13 Dec 2005

But am still not very happy with the font size,will have to experiment with a different colour,or background.
I have tried to make each page a different size,or at least finish less abruptly, but the Master boarder governs that I think.....unless someone knows how I can get around that.
I dont like the empty spaces at the bottom of the pages that have less content,perhaps I could make larger pages with different sections within the page?
Must admit my english is poor when put on display...and I thought I was clever.
Hats off to you people out there that design for a living....I shall keep on tweaking till I am satisfied.
Dont hold back next time,Im sure FE was being diplomatic.
Keep it coming...if you get the time,and have the patience.

PS my lack of a link (thanks fourum member by the way) was because I was so excited at eventually getting the thing online.

  geoff47 02:25 13 Dec 2005

Fourum member...are you from that neck of the woods?
You could be my first customer....we dont sell beer,in fact we are situated opposite an Off Licence that tends to act like a magnet to a lot of southern africans ....fortunately.

  Taran 03:29 13 Dec 2005

I'd put some thought into adjusting your fly out menus and have the child links drop below the parent instead of scooting out to the right, which makes them obscure other parent links in the navigation bar.

Your images are grainy and some of the image dimensions make the pictures display a little distorted.

The pop up images that link from the thumbnails could be bigger, and they suffer a similar grainy appearance as the thumbnails.

Change the contact email address to a proper address at the site domain - create a new email account at the site using the WebMania control panel and set it up on your friend's computer. Alter the [email protected] address on the page to the more professional looking [email protected]

Finally, run a thorough spell check as suggested above.

Get that lot sorted to begin with, and we'll take another look.


  geoff47 02:37 14 Dec 2005

I take on everything you say........well most of it...I recognise the problem when you mention it.
I have never wanted to be slick,so folksy is fine with me....if only I could draw what I need ....or think I need....it would be easy.

Have had problems with the Navigation Bar....cannot seem to get it to drop down...although I had done this earlier.I have set up Emails with Web-mania,and am working through the links.....Alas it is too late tonight...NOF8 is playing up...it is soooo slow and freezes if and when it wants to.....am agreeing with Barryoneoff here....after using NOF MX this is slow and Buggy (I think thats the term)
It might be other problems causing the buggyness,but if its the same for Barry and myself....

I will re submit tomorrow for a re-assesment.
Thanks for the time you guys give to us Trying types....very trying at times?

  geoff47 01:28 16 Dec 2005

And spell checked and am submiting myself (my site) for some more constructive critisism (wish there was an Advisor spell checker)

It has been very helpful...bring it on.But be gentle I am very delicate.

  geoff47 01:30 16 Dec 2005

click here

Did that last time too....some people never learn.

  geoff47 02:06 16 Dec 2005

I have a different version on my PC.
I have edited the text breaks many times.I dont want a new paragraph just a new line,clicking "enter" causes a gap,all I want is to start a new line.
I have deleted the online version,using NOF8 and then uploaded the revised version,refreshing on each page,when reviewing it,and it is the same as before I edited it.

  PurplePenny 22:14 16 Dec 2005

You've used non-breaking spaces to create new lines in the text. That doesn't work on my screen resolution: I just get a continuous paragraph with rather strange big gaps in it. I'm not familiar with NOF so I can't tell you how to create line breaks without starting a new paragraph but I can tell you that you are trying to find the action that inserts <br> into the code; that starts a new line not a new paragraph.

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