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  Aguy 02:51 17 May 2005

i made this for my dad im still new to webdesign you can probally tell.I have more to add but am waiting for the pics but just wanna check it works ok on evryones pc ,
www,driveonsurfacing.co.uk thanks

  AndySD 03:07 17 May 2005

Yep works fine.

A few minor points...the spacing on the navigation is uneven.

There are no nanes on the popular styles.

Contact Page.

Why the gaps between
Drive-on Surfacing and 12 Garthland Drive


UK and T: 0208 440 5225

  fly2hi 07:51 17 May 2005

Works ok for me.
Nice to see the explanation of how the block paving is laid, which means I can now do it myself and won't need you to do it for me. Is that the intention?

Like others have said repeatedly, you do need to proof read as there are quite a few grammatical errors. Get someone to read it through with you.

I must say I didn't notice the errors that Andy pointed out as I wasn't really looking for them and it's not really my area of expertise so in some ways it could mean that not everyone will see all errors on a page.

You will get there as I will, after a few revamps and rewrites. Good luck.

  PurplePenny 19:59 17 May 2005

... still needs some work.

I agree with John that the words along the top and bottom should go. They don't serve any purpose and look as though they should be links.

I like the addition of the samples. Also the steps: far more appropriate than the babbling brook that you had before.

You really do need to get someone to proof read for you (it has to be someone else because you will see what you expect to see). At the moment your first paragraph likens your potential customers to building materials ("you're complete brick"). Probably not the impression you want to give.

You also need to take a look at it in other browsers. Firefox for instance makes the menu backgrounds different sizes.

Keep going, you're getting there.


  Forum Editor 20:43 17 May 2005

I find myself agreeing with what fourm member has said.

1. Use Verdana as your body-text font. Everyone will see the text precisely as you intended, and verdan is one of the easier fonts to read on-screen.

2. The images, particularly of your past jobs, are of poor quality. That may be be partly the result of having poor-quality digital photographs to start with, but you can always do something to improve quality. Work hard on this - those images are your main selling aid.

3. Your text is liberally sprinkled with typos and grammatical errors, editing is a must and - as Penny suggests - you should ask someone else to do the job. This paragraph is full of problems ....

"Drive On Surfacing has been established for a number of years, and we have continually strived on the reputation we have earned as one of the paving companies in London today. We are a family run business with generations of experience in driveway construction"

You can't strive 'on' something, and "the reputation we have earned as one of the paving companies in London today" was probably intended to be "the reputation we have earned as one of the leading paving companies in London today". As I pointed out in your earlier thread saying you have been in business "a number of years" followed by a statement that you have "generations of experience" is confusing - say one or the other, but not both.

My advice is to re-write that paragraph like this:

"We are a family-run business with generations of experience in driveway construction. Over the years we have become known as one of London's leading paving companies - a reputation we strive constantly to maintain."

4. I think your 'procedures' page is unnecessary. You're doing the work, not your customer, so why provide a step-by-step account?

5. The popular styles page is an excellent addition; images need sharpening though, and why don't you provide captions, so people know what the various styles are called?

You're well on the way to producing an excellent business site - you just need to spend some time tweaking those images and that text, it's very important to look as professional as you possibly can on the web.

  LeadingMNMs 21:19 17 May 2005

Some of your page titles have been left as the page name e.g technicalinfo.html, so you should probably look at changing those pages to something more meaningful.

Not a big thing, but on the contact page you supply both the e-mail address and provide a form that sends an e-mail - a bit pointless to have both.

I don't think that there is anything from with having the 'keywords' at the top and bottom of the page, though they need to be more meaningful, and maybe made into phrases sentences. For example, what does "Fencing London" mean ? Is it another company ? As you can see, its not necessarily very meaningful. Whereas something like "Drive On Surfacing for all your Brick, Block and Crazy Paving needs in London," maybe more appropriate.

And one last small point, you write "Welcome to the Drive On Surfacing web site, your one stop SHOP" but the site doesn't actually sell anything.

  Aguy 23:50 17 May 2005

the keywords at top and bottom of the page where meant to be links but my dad has been busy working with his other firm so i havnt had nearly enough pics or info,i done spell check a few times and it says the grammar is fine but ill get someone else to look at it.The procuders page i dont think looks right either but i was asked to put something like that on so i did.i think im gonna scrub this whole design and make a more professional flash site , thanks for ppsts again always get quik replys here :)

  Belatucadrus 15:30 20 May 2005

I agree with fourm member, as a one time professional buyer and frequent net user I'd just like to point out how much I hate flash sites, they're nearly always slow to load and harder to navigate than a traditional site.
As to the current content the photos aren't really sharp enough, for a commercial site advertising a product, they really have to be first rate. The first aid logo on the health and safety page is extremely blurred and probably best removed.
The technical info should probably be limited to a technical specification, leave out the methodology.
I'd also change the navigation menu, having highlighted script of different lengths looks untidy, either take out the highlighting or use buttons click here deknop is a nice freeware button maker.
I'd also make the first line 'Welcome to drive on Surfacing' Much bigger and maybe even in a more exotic script to make it stand out as a page header.
Finally ' ~ Brick paving London ~ Crazy paving London ~ Driveways London ~ Fencing London ~ ' is a little repetitious, you don't need to specify every product line geographically unless the areas served differ in some way ' ~ Brick paving ~ Crazy paving ~ Driveways & Fencing in London ~ serves as well.

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