Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

  Proclaimer 12:03 14 Feb 2008

Someone mentioned this organisation in a thread and I would like to know if anyone is a member or has been a member in the past.

If so, then what are the real benefits that you found made a difference, if any?

It looks like 'Business Link' with teeth! Is that the case?

  Kemistri 16:38 14 Feb 2008

Yes, I am. I have been a member since going self-employed a few years ago. Benefits include:

- free business banking with the Co-op, which is increasingly hard to find elsewhere

- the networking opportunities and support

- the free legal advice helpline, which I have used a few times for various business and employment related queries

There are some other factors as well, so have a look at the FSB website.

  wildrover 19:05 14 Feb 2008

Benefits include Kemistri's above, and also: they are lobbying organisation helping small businesses, and they also have a number of organisations who work with them to provide sertvices. A great deal with the Co-op has been mentioned, but they also have insurance, health, courier, factor, etc organisations on board. Not always the cheapest or best but a good starting point when you are looking for something new and you can always get a quote from what is known to be a reputable company and then compare.

probably the most useful benefit is the networking and support which Kemistri mentions. there are local/regional membership events which are great for finding trusted suppliers, customers, and recommended services such as accountants.

Business Link with teeth they aint!

  spuds 16:55 22 Feb 2008

I was involved with the FSB in its fledgling days, when regional areas where very few and limited. At the time I thought that the FSB was heading no where perhaps, but it appears to have proved me wrong!.

  Proclaimer 22:42 22 Feb 2008

I have just been talking to them now as well, seems like the same deal but actually have offices in my town.

Anyone heard of them?

  Kemistri 22:50 22 Feb 2008

No, I can't say that I have. It's probably a regional or even local organisation. The FSB and Chamber of Commerce are the big players in business support. Then there's Business Link for an info resource: click here

  Proclaimer 22:53 22 Feb 2008

I need , actually I don't know what I need that is why I am looking at these groups. To push my mind in directions I would dismiss or not even see as well as support me when it's all a 'bit too legal'.

  barfly 17:41 05 Mar 2008

I have been with F.S.B. now for the last 15 yrs the cost is £80 per annum subscription and in the past they have acted for me in a dispute with the tax man on that occasion they not only removed the worry factor they saved me £4000.00 so i would recomend anyone in business to contact them and get on board and as already mantioned by others they have a great range of other benefits

  EmmaS 10:17 12 Nov 2008

The free legal advice alone is worth the subscription. :)

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