Fed-up with PCA

  woodchip 18:40 30 Aug 2003

I just about had enough of struggling with the PCA site, it just sits and hangs most of the time, when trying to post to threads. And feel I am wasting my time and at the moment I am going to get a shower.
I will also think what to do over the next couple of days whether to come back. It's become a real pain, I do not have this problem on the rest of the net, I think it's all the servers that PCA uses. One is Doubleclick it hangs on this frequently

  powerless 18:43 30 Aug 2003

Come - on - comeback!

  mammak 19:00 30 Aug 2003

Powerless,Djohn, and VoG i agree with you all
Woodchip is one of the most respected members of this forum, but admit it he has a valid point it would make you tear your hair out at time,s the way it hangs, and of course i wouldnt want to see him go. Mammak

  powerless 19:28 30 Aug 2003

Same old - Springs to mind!

Where you are in the country.

The load on the server.

Possible problems on YOUR computer.

ISP problems...

  Legolas 19:29 30 Aug 2003

Woodchip you can't go now, not when I have ordered Redhat linux 9 you are my main man to help with that.

  rickf 20:24 30 Aug 2003

I have not had any problems accessing the site. Could something be wrong with your system? Knowing you ,you would have known if there were, but still...Have a check.

  xania 20:29 30 Aug 2003

I have just about been on;line an hour when I joined this forum and - yes it was SLLLOOOOWWWWW. So I logged off, rebooted and now its faster. Now there's a thing!!

Don't give up woodchip. As a newbie myself, I also get frustrated by the way these things play us up - and the computers as well - but, you have to admit its a good way to waste a couple of hours when there nowt to do at t'office. Nad I've learnt as much as I've taught. Where else can you get all that for free??

  wee eddie 20:39 30 Aug 2003

the number of people logging in and out of the site.

Most sites only have a few threads running at any one time. This site has loads of people flicking through and posting to hundreds of different threads.

I would hope you don't leave us as your advice has proved useful to me in the past and I have frequently been able to pass on what I was told on to others. Giving PCA the credit of course!

  beeuuem 21:13 30 Aug 2003

I sympathise with woodchip. Since the PCA server upgrade I find that Opera takes forever to load the PCA site and to open threads. This only applies to the PCA site, other sites open without a problem . The adforce links take upwards of 30 secands to reply and it can take 3-4 minutes just to log on via dial-up and 2 minutes to open a thread.

For some reason IE6 is faster than Opera for the PCA site, which is perverse.

  graham√ 21:14 30 Aug 2003

I echo the sentiments above.

I don't have any of the slowness reported by others, but then I'm on broadband on a major exchange connected to one of the 'backbone' network exchanges.

I know the exchange woodchip is on, been in it many times! It is a small rural exchange, off another exchange, which in turn is connected to the same 'backbone' exchange.

The lines to properties also tend to be longer in rural areas.

So you see, the data has a longer signal path, adding to any delays on the site.

I think PCA is a victim of its own success, and is far busier than any other similar site. To cater for the 'peaks' in traffic, which are only a small proportion of the overall traffic, the capacity would have to be doubled.

As with comparable voice and data systems, this is rarely done, and some degradation of service is allowed.

  Audeal 21:35 30 Aug 2003

Woodchip, me ole mate. Don't go. We all love you to bits. You have one of the most respected names on this forum, respected and trusted.

But of course, if you do go, then can I use your name, just to give myself a bit of a boost, you understand.

Audeal don't sound as good as Woodchip doe's. But if you do stay then I guess I could live with it.


If you go then I will withdraw my cheers.

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