Fed up with my CD burner

  pj123 15:38 30 Nov 2003

I have a Freecom CD/RW disk drive which is 32x write. I have bought 100 "non branded" CDRs at max 25x. If I try to burn "My Photos" at the maximum all I get is a "coaster". I have tried burning at 20x and 16x but the only successful burn I ever get is at 12x. What is the point of fast burning CD Writers if I still have to slow it down to 12x or less?

  Trackrat 15:43 30 Nov 2003

I have fitted 3 ASUS cdrw`s in recent computer builds and have had no problem burning at 48x speed using generic cdr`s. and they only cost £35.00.

  pj123 15:57 30 Nov 2003

Trackrat, yes I agree with what you say. I also build many computers with CD/RWs fitted and they all work brilliantly, but not mine. Maybe I should change my CD/RW drive?

  pj123 16:01 30 Nov 2003

I think it is the painter and decorator syndrome. You know "He's a Painter and Decorator" but his house is the worst in the street. Because he is so busy doing everyone else's house he doesn't have time to do his own.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:03 30 Nov 2003

click here you tried using enditall, a brilliant prog that will close down all unecessary progs.


  Stuartli 16:34 30 Nov 2003

Some rewriters work better with certain brands of media than others, but I suspect the real reason is that you have bought cheap (i.e. non-branded) CD-Rs and you get what you pay for...

A manufacturer who turns out media at what appears tempting prices at retail level won't be too fussy about making sure that the claimed top write speed is accurate.

In contrast, I had the odd box of Kodak Ultima 80 12x CD-Rs in my stock and decided to use them up.

In error I forgot to set the burn speed to 8x or 12x just before burning one of the disks and it was done at my TDK CyClone's rewriter's maximum 24x write speed.

I anticipated having to burn another disk but, to my delight, the CD-R worked faultlessly when tried.

  Stuartli 16:36 30 Nov 2003

You should have been suspicious of the 25x burn speed - the more usual figure is 24x.

  pj123 11:19 01 Dec 2003

I took them as 25x cos that's what the retailer said. But since looking at the very small printing around the hole in the middle it says, "Intenso 700mb/80min 48x speed Premium Grade A"

Anyway I seem to get successful burns at 12x speed so I will stick with that for now. Off to buy some branded CDRs now, will post back.

  skeletal 13:16 01 Dec 2003

There is definitly something going on in the world of burning CDs! I am always having problems myself, and have never got to the bottom of it. I am using an ASUS 52/24/52 and if I use Nero, it doesn't even recognise a "performance" CD is in the drawer sometimes. Switch to Windows XP and it will usually burn the CD.

I then changed to Maxell, and Nero will recognise it, and I get a good burn and a coaster, about 50/50 of the time.

On the "performance" CD, in the unlikely event Nero found it, I then got "Power calibration errors" etc which shows the burner couldn't see the CD properly (but therefore how come XP usually worked?).

The error I get on the Maxell discs is "source data too slow" so it burns at x24. Oh yes...an Athlon 2700 + DDR + 133 HD with no other progs running too slow??!!

As ever, I have all the latest drivers DMA turned on etc etc.

So pj123, I'm sure better discs will improve things, but it's not the total answer!


  pj123 10:16 02 Dec 2003

Thanks everyone. Got some Imation CDRs. Max speed 32x. My burner is also 32x. Still the same problem so looks like it's the burner, doesn't like going any faster than 12x. I was thinking in the future about getting a DVD/CD/RW burner so maybe now is a good time.

  sat481 10:17 02 Dec 2003

I have a 52X burner and use cheap disc from ToysRus. Combined with Nero5.5.10.0 I have never had a mis burn. For things like my photos I must admit I usually burn 2 copies and keep one safe somewhere.. I only paid £50 for the burner last year as well.. (click here)
With my ancient 4X burner I used to get a lot of problems.. Maybe I just struck lucky with the new drive!!!!!


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