FE as your cover been blown

  hooligan 10:26 25 Jun 2004

Nice pic !

  PurplePenny 11:26 25 Jun 2004

I wasn't going to mention it but since Hooly's brought it up ......

FE, just how *did* they persuade you to have your photo taken or, more to the point, published? Was torture involved?

You should have given them the portrait of your former life as a 14th C. Carmelite bishop >>>

click here



  Forum Editor 11:26 25 Jun 2004

Well spotted hooligan - keep it to yourself won't you?

  Forum Editor 11:28 25 Jun 2004

who walks up to me in PC World and has a go at me for deleting his/her post is banned for life.

  hooligan 11:48 25 Jun 2004

I dont always buy the mag but i always look to see if your in. Just out of curiosity as its funny getting help for a year or so and wandering who they are, i suppose its the same for you wandering who we all are.Or mabye not !

Just taran to spot now !

  PurplePenny 11:49 25 Jun 2004

Only if they are foolish enough to mention their user name whilst remonstrating with you for a gross abuse of power :-)


  Forum Editor 11:52 25 Jun 2004

so you'll have a hard job spotting him, and what's all this "I dont always buy the mag but i always look to see if your in"?

I'm in the magazine almost every month, but I won't be if people take a leaf out of your book. Get yourself off to the subscription page immediately - I'll be checking up later on to see if you've subscribed. Now I'm off for a huge expense account lunch, so behave whilst I'm gone.

  Forum Editor 11:54 25 Jun 2004

Feel free to approach me and remonstrate to your heart's content, but don't forget.....I know where to find you.

  hooligan 12:15 25 Jun 2004

Who stands in WHS reading them so no one else can reach a mag.

  Mango Grummit 01:46 26 Jun 2004

You are much better looking and slimmer (at least in the face) than I imagined.

oooh, let's be careful and perfectly clear here, should have said ... than my wife imagined.

  Forum Editor 08:22 26 Jun 2004

It's OK, I understand.

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