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  Tim1964 23:51 08 Aug 2003

As the free AV debate continues, how about a poll asking the question, 'which AV software do you use?'.
The result would be a great help to the forum users who ask 'what AV should I use?' then they will see which is the most popular. I know popular doesn't always mean best (VHS/Betamax) but at least there will be more support for the commonly used ones.

  MichelleC 10:07 09 Aug 2003

This has been covered a few times. If you do a search you may get a few choices. I use Avast (free) in preference to NAV.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:18 09 Aug 2003

'I know popular doesn't always mean best'...which really means the poll would be useless;-)) Anyone wanting free or paid AV need only ask the question and a host of replies will appear.

My take on it is, nearly every virus is easy to get rid of and is merely annoying not the end of the world. Tales of viruses eating hard drives and causing disasters of cataclysmic proportions are largely apochryphal on non-network computers as are tales of home computers being hacked.

All anyone needs is a decent AV (most are), eihter free or if one is really worried, paid. The most important thing to do is to make sure that it is updated regularly. There are no such things as good or bad AVs, only updated and not updated ones.


  krypt1c 12:00 09 Aug 2003

Right on Gandalf. In the 10 or so years I've had a PC I've only been infected once, and AVG caught it.

  anchor 17:33 09 Aug 2003

I have always used Norton and, (with fingers crossed and touching wood), can state that I have never been infected.

Sure, lots and lots of potential infections via e-mails, but Norton has never let me down. Any web download is scanned before I do anything with it. I now use Norton 2003, and constantly keep my definitions up to date.

Perhaps I have lucky, but I will stick with Norton.

  Ben Avery 17:43 09 Aug 2003

I too have always used Symantec Antivirus and as you stated - it has never let me down. My only concern to new users is that they get into regular update habits and in all honestly, if free AV software (kept updated regularly) is just as good - why pay for the privilege?!

If you can get it for free, use the free one but keep it up to date!


  anchor 15:47 10 Aug 2003

Ben Avery

You are right. If the free one is just as good, and both you and the company regularly update, the why pay?.

In my case, I stick with Norton because I know and trust it.

However, the best of AV programmes is only as good as its update, and Norton do this every working day.

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