F.E Halfway through my site.

  [DELETED] 20:58 23 Nov 2003

FE i have not got mixed up this time.Now i know to keep the 1 file.Would you no how much room ive used.I have 20 mb i cant work it out.Iam going to fill the pages roughly the same cheers.
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  [DELETED] 21:00 23 Nov 2003
  [DELETED] 23:39 23 Nov 2003

where you were hiding! You have obviously been working on your site.

Great stuff holligan. If you want to know how much space you have used, Log on to 1&1. I cant remember the exact path you take, but somewhere on the menu is "ammount of space used". That will give all the details.

Well done, Whiz...

  Forum Editor 23:44 23 Nov 2003

about the size of the site. Provided you take care to keep the image files to a reasonable size (which you will do as a matter of course, to make the site load faster) you'll be a long way short of 20Mb.

Concentrate on getting the content right - you have many spelling errors and typos at present, and I would lose that England flag if I were you. It isn't relevant to the subject matter.

  [DELETED] 00:42 24 Nov 2003

The blue on green text is hard to read easily.

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