FE delete posts?

  Senator BoB 15:33 26 Apr 2003

What happened to the Solutions Computer Systems post?

  tbh72 15:38 26 Apr 2003

Senator BoB, it was attracting some very negative thread's, which were not really acceptable bearing in mind the lad was only 16.

  -pops- 15:39 26 Apr 2003

Personally I was suspicious of that post. It seemed to me a blatant piece of self promotion generated and replied to by the same person to advertise a website.

There was a similar thing last weekend where someone was using a web address as his moniker for the forum and expecting people to visit from that.

I may be completely wrong.


  Senator BoB 15:40 26 Apr 2003

Oh ok.

I feel bad for him :(

  tbh72 15:44 26 Apr 2003

Nah Pops, Gaz 25 is cool. He's just learning!!!

  Embezzler 15:51 26 Apr 2003

I didn't know it was going to attract such a response... I just wanted verification because of the website... anyway... lets end this.

I hope i haven't caused much damage, i hope Gaz 25 continues to build PC for people.

  -pops- 16:34 26 Apr 2003

Well, I did say I may be wrong - I'm glad I am. You have to admit though, it did seem very odd.

Anyway, Gaz, I hope I've not caused too much offence.

Good luck


  Gaz 25 16:55 26 Apr 2003

it was not a promotion, Embezzler started a thread to see if anyone on PCA had bought a PC, unfortunatly the website is mainly for information only and not for selling PC online.

It seams that the post attracted very poor comments, and although I will continue to sell quality PC's, I think a website is a section which has to be thought about first, I rushed ahead and made a site which has attracted a few customers, but most PCA users are not impressed atall, some saying building PC's in your home with humidity is not good promotion, (Ever though of a dehumidifier, £99 from B & Q)

As I say, many happy customers with the PC's, as far as I am bothered the PC's are the important part not the website, there are far worse websites for other small companies, and some with none, so at least I have tried.

Also being no professional webdesigner can I produce exceptional websites, and to tell you the truth I have never heard such comments from anyone.

But anyway, the website is being redesigned fully now.

As tbh72 says, I am just learning my way into webdesign and done well considering I am young, and never even known much about websites.

But I think sticking to building rather than webdesign is a must. But I had a go.


  Djohn 18:07 26 Apr 2003

I did not see the thread concerned, so will make no comment on it.

I will say that I have seen your name in this forum many, many times and never felt offended or upset by anything you have had to say.

You have asked a lot of questions from other forum users, and they have helped where they can.

The one quality that stands out, is your ability to ask questions without feeling embarrassment, of showing your lack of knowledge in the, (early days) of your post.

And you have always let it be known that your wish was to build your own PC's and set yourself up in a small business. You have also asked for advice on this aspect as well.

I wish you all the luck I can for your future, and I would never dream of not considering you, just because you build your systems at home.

Keep at it, build your systems, and never be embarrassed to still come and ask questions when you come up against a brick wall.

The only person I would never consider purchasing from, is one who tells me.

"I know it all, and there is nothing left for me to learn". Good luck and best wishes. J.

  Legolas 19:18 26 Apr 2003

Thanks Djohn you saved me a lot of typing

  Big Elf 19:44 26 Apr 2003

And me.

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